by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 55/100

Seasons review
Published by: Sugar Games
Developed by: Sugar Games
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Wencke Schuncken

Boost your brain a little with "Seasons". Sugar Games has launched a new addictive puzzle game and provided us a copy of the game. I had to download it, but the connection was solid and the game requires only 5 Mb free hard drive space. In no time I was able to see what seasons was all about.

In the main menu you can choose which kind of game you want to play:
- action mode, start a mind sweeping rush to outwit time or
- puzzle mode, challenge your brains, not clicking reflexes to get as many points as possible. I recommend the puzzle mode, as time challenges stresses me out and it's an easier way to get used playing the game.

There are four seasons a year that come and go in a cycle just like in reality. The game has the same "cycle" idea. You start with an intricate layout of chips that come in four types according to the number of seasons.

Click on a chip and it rotates replacing one season icon with the following one. (ie winter is replaced by spring, spring is replaced by summer) Get a combination of three matching season icons, they will explode and you gather the points in return. But if you click wrong chips, points will be conducted from your total score!

My first impression was that it was a really childish game,
but that is totally not the case. Especially when I saw my points drop to zero by clicking wrong chips! With a little bit more concentration it went pretty well; winter chip becomes spring chip, summer chip becomes autumn chip, etc. Think, concentrate and make your move.

After a couple of games I was used to the gameplay and really started to enjoy the game: the appealing idea of the seasons and that you really need to think before just clicking on some buttons. Also the option of playing fast or just for fun is ok, what ever suits your wishes. It's not a game you'll play for hours (at least I didn't), but when ever I see the game on my PC, I think by myself, hey just give it another shot. The game is addictive and always fun to play. It's an all year long gaming excitement, and with only 5 Mb HD space, what's the harm?

For a demo, the full product purchase of the game or more information: Sugar Games Website