Vega$: Make it Big

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 55/100

Vega$: Make it Big Review
Published by: Empire Interactive
Developed by: Empire Interactive
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Wencke Schuncken

Is this a new addictive tycoon game to play over and over again? Get ready to build your own Las Vegas resourt! There are two scenerios to play:
- Sand Bank which contains an open play with no time or objective stress.
- Objectives where you can play 9 objectives to become the Resort Queen of Vegas

vega$ make it big

You need to buy a lot for building your own Las Vegas resort. Available are small casino's, small hotels, head office, repair / cleaner departments, service centres and small shops. With these features you can design and built the resort. The casino's are empty, and you'll need to design and decorate them if you want to attract visitors. Build your own casino's with multiple decks, food and drink facilities, playing tables, slotmachines, Keno and other features. Unfortunalty you're not able to play any games yourself, you're only the constructor. The more visitors you attract the more chance you'll make more sales and more sales means more cash in your account. Use it to upgrade the office and unlock more shops, bigger casino's, bigger hotels etc.

Now you probably already understand the playing circle of this game: Buy, build, and earn over and over again.

So what's the fun, you're asking? Well I like the objectives, the Sand Bank option is for kiddies, I simply need a goal! In total you'll need to achieve 9 objectives which require a certain number of sales made in a certain period, or attract a number of certain visitors (business men, celebraties etc). The objectives are easy to accomplish till you get to objective number 6, but then came the money cheat. (cheat code explained at the bottom haha) And with a money cheat the playfun grows, gameplay goes faster and you don't have to wait on the sales income (takes days...) to build bigger and better buildings. The last objectives are quite original as you'll need to attract certain special visitors or kind of visitor groups. So you need to build special objects like theme rides, "shop till you drop" paradises, wedding chaples, theaters, nightclubs, exclusive a la cart restaurants and so on. In total there are 100 different building types to choose from. Also there are 10 different themes to choose from for your resort.

It's a nice game but playing for hours and failing to achieve an objective, isn't my game (unless you have installed the cheat). And if you have the cheat, it will get boring in the end to build the same over and over again.

vega$ make it big

For those who are interested in free money, here's the cheat money code:
To change your money in the save games, go into your directory of Vegas Make it Big, and find another folder Called SavedGames. Go into the folder and if you have saved games you should see some Files called Slot1.cmb and another file called slot1.cmf, the .cmf file is alot bigger and that holds all the info of the game that you saved. If you open it in Notepad or Wordpad, go into EDIT at the top and down Find, and in the Find Box, type in CURRENTCASH and it should find something like "PlayerInfo["Player1"].currentcash = 827575.00" just edit the 827575.00 to what you want and then save it. (The 827575.00 is the figure from my file, this changes to what you have saved it at, so it won't be the same). Load the game and open the Saved file i.e slot 1 and see money galore.

Make it Big!