Silent Hill 4 The Room

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 90/100

Silent Hill 4: The Room Review
Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Wencke Schuncken

Konami is back with an astonishing new psycho horror game in the silent hill series: Silent Hill 4, The Room. Be prepared to play with your character and let him wake up in a strange world from somebody’s worst nightmare. Not a new concept for the Silent Hill fans, but this game takes another approach to give you the creeps.

Welcome to lovely room 302 in South Ashfield. This is your wake up call and the first thing you see is a dirty looking bedroom covered in blood and rust. To make it even attractive you’ll hear a scream. Where did that came from? The bathroom door is locked, so you walk to the living room. Nobody’s there…but the TV is on without broadcasting…seems like poltergeist. You start wondering what happened. After exploring the rooms and items available, suddenly holes appear in the walls everywhere and ghosts crawling out. Experience a short horror movie before your second wake up call. It was all just a dream. While staring in the room everything looks as it should be, nice and clean. You try to make a phone call, but the phone isn’t working. As you want to leave the room, it suddenly rings. Picked up the phone and a female voice shout for help. How is that possible while the phone cord is cut into pieces? While checking the living room you’ll find a note sticking under the door. “Don’t go out, Walter”. The door is locked from the inside with chains and locks and you really start wondering what is going on. If you try to open the windows a big blast in bathroom occurs. There’s a big hole in the wall. Henry observes the hole and wonders if this is the way out and crawls into the hole. The actual game has now started.

During the game you’ll find a couple of holes, mysterious portals leading to disturbing alternate worlds to uncover the truth what has happened in room 302 in the past. In true Silent Hill style, mysterious new characters, horrendous creatures and the undead will use any means necessary to impede Henry’s progress. The ghosts are quite difficult to deal with to knock out but with special weapons it can be done. The monsters can be killed with normal weapons, but they can do damage as they crawl out of the walls and try to attack you , even if you didn’t expect any monsters. For example in your room you think you’re safe…till you move further and further into the game….there is no escape! Your “safe” home will become dirtier, darker and rustier during the game. Most of the time though you’ll be exploring several worlds (levels) to complete the games. Enter and explore the empty subway, have a “nice” walk in the forest, visit the water prison, walk around in your own apartment area and the building world. You’ll visit the worlds twice and I recommend you to take a good look the first time you enter a world as the second time will be much harder to explore due to the monsters and ghosts. Maybe some things seem odd the first time, but it becomes logical when you revisit the worlds again.

The graphics are very detailed and the short movies are even worse then the video captures in the movie “the blair witch project”. The psycho factor is very much alive in the game due to the sounds and atmosphere. The monsters and ghost are very creepy and sometimes really annoying to beat, but not impossible. The game play controlling was a little bit strange in the beginning, but in the options menu you can change your control settings as you like. The game play is about collecting items, fighting monsters and ghosts and solving puzzles. Sometimes it’s hard to move on in the game, and you’ll find yourself walking in your apartment for a long time, searching for clues, new items, new notes but please no new creatures who steal my energy…Don’t get lost in your own room! To summarize Silent Hill 4, it features a terrifying psycho horror game experience that fans and newcomers will never forget.