The Journey to Wild Divine

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 85/100

The Journey to Wild Divine Review
Published by: Wild Divine Project
Developed by: Wild Divine Project
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Wencke Schuncken

Are you up for a new sort of game genre? Do you want to influence the game with your body and mind? Are you willing to experience a spiritual game play, as never seen before? Ok, keep on reading as this review is all about a new way of gaming interaction between the player and the way the story expands in “Journey to Wild Divine”.

What to expect:
A huge box has been delivered by FedEx and while opening my eyes were staring. What a first impression, a lovely designed, quality material game box. I opened it and made my first experience with loads of stuff in it: 2 install CD’s (Windows and Apple), music CD, a flyer with instructions, a user manual, the companion guide / book and the Light Stone with 3 Magic Rings, which are required to play the game. The Light Stone needs to be connected to your PC by USB. Attached to the Light Stone are the 3 Magic Rings, biofeedback sensors to allow you to move various items within the game through measuring skin conductance level and heart rate. Yes, they need to get attached to the three middle fingers of your hand. Don’t be scared, the sensor rings won’t hurt or give electronic shocks. It’s quite funny to see your heart rate and skin conductance level visualised on the screen. I tested it with jumping around to influence it and it worked! So now I was ready to start playing Wild Divine or should I say, start a new life experience by gaming?

The lovely intro explains the spiritual background and ends in the garden of the Sun Gate.
You’ll notice the very detailed environment and a special lady, Sophia. She helps you on your way of understanding controlling mind and body but also increase the inner imagination technique to improve your mind theatre and creativity. She also gives you a gift, a golden wand. This wand actually works like your mouse clicks, shows you the way in the garden and spreads a purple haze where special events occurs. Besides the gift Sophia gives you the change to try out your interaction between de mind and body by playing some games. You need to blow a wind wheel to enter the Sun Palace. With no experiencing but listening to Sophia’s instruction, I started to breath heavily and blowing at the PC screen and after a while the wind wheel started to turn. It was astonishing to see the interaction between body and game activity. I was soled to this new gaming experience with biofeedback and wanted more…let’s travel.

After blowing at the wheel and juggling balls with my energy it was time to meet Cosmo. He teaches the Peaceful Breath: 7 seconds breathing in, 7 seconds breathing out, relax. After doing a test you proceed your journey to the Home of Peace where the Lady of the Woods is waiting. She gives you the Magic Bag which is helpful for collecting items, explains the Magic Mirror when you’re lost and don’t know what to do and trains your Peace of Breath. After you visit the woods, you’re free to explore the Kingdom. Meet the Mentor (Mila-Rugom) in the Temple of Awareness and begin your apprenticeship. He explains that we can focus our thoughts on both our inner and outer reality at the same time with equal attention and can be trained at 3 more biofeedback games. The mentor will help you during your game by showing up, then you’ll know you have to use your skills. Find the Rainbow Rocks to empower yourself even more with the Heart Breath technique. This and the Peaceful Breath are the two most important techniques to learn and to guide you through the game. Succeed while relaxing or by increasing your inner energy…but you can also cheat by jumping or moving your hands to create energy, sorry. Explore the Temples, fly with the birds, row a boat, change the environment, enjoy the games, meet characters played by real persons. Lot’s of things to do, but don’t rush in this game. Actually, after 1 hour playing the game I was so relaxed by the breathing techniques and enjoying to see the results of my body mind behaviour, I could fall asleep. So don’t force yourself to move on. Enjoy the relaxed mood you’re in and save the game to enjoy more pleasure later on.

The Journey to Wild Divine is an enchanting adventure for the mind, body and spirit that links special biofeedback equipment with your computer to create a truly enlightening and entertaining multi-media experience. I’ve learned the secret of the Peaceful Breath and the Heart Breath, the ancient Yogic breathing technique and am quite happy I did, especially when I visited my dentist and focussed on my breathing in the waiting room and it sure did good. I was more relaxed then before and during the treatment I focussed on my mind theatre and imagined something beautiful. Besides the spiritual growth I was impressed of how this new technology with biofeedback and gaming is used as never before and it was a pleasure to experience it…over and over again!