Armies of Exigo

by Eden
author awarded score: 70/100

Armies of Exigo Review

Published by: EA
Developed by: Black Hole Entertainment
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Eden

Here ye Here ye, it’s yet another one of those games that thinks it’s Warcraft but isn’t. Yes it’s all here for your fun and amusement, the villages, the elves, the humans, the trolls and of course the forces of evil. What we essentially have here people is another RTS clone that’s trying hard to be something it isn’t, if only it had gone out on it’s own and tried to bring something new to the genre.

Armies of Exigo Review

is meant to be fun…. And it is…. Sometimes. You basically get what it says on the tin “engage in fierce combat” and “balance military strength and resource management”, not to mention having “powerful spells at your command”… *ZZzzz*.. oh sorry, did I just nod off then? Hmm where was I.. oh of course… it’s Warcraft… err. I mean.. Armies of Exigo. If you’ve played this sort of thing before you know what you’re in for, for those new to the genre here’s the deal. Your little village folk will mine, chop, collect, farm and build which will have the effect of making your stronger as your buildings get bigger but more important, your armies get bigger which can then go off and fight other armies. I found the ‘engaging in fierce combat’ more than a little frustrating at times as my troops appeared to have a mind of their own, running off to fight a minor enemy group whilst I got my ass kicked elsewhere. However one of the little additions I did quite like was the idea of split level gameplay. Essentially you can have things going on above ground or use caverns below ground to try and gain an advantage, setting traps beneath an enemy stronghold, that sort if thing, that at least was something different although I didn’t feel it added to the game overall.

Graphics are pretty… and they do the job they’re meant to but it still (for me) lacks the same sort of stylish pretty of Warcraft, which it’s clearly trying hard to be. The cut scenes are, in a word, beautiful and do have that carry you away into the magical world sort of feel. I honestly don’t think this title was helped be the fact I can’t get Warcraft out of my mind whilst playing / reviewing it. That said they are detailed as I hope the lovely screenshots show.

Sound off, one, two, one, two, THREE FOUR!... The sound is ok if a little buggy at times with sound dipping in and out. The B grade voice script could have done with a touch of the Peter Jacksons to make it a little less blurgh when you’re listening to it.

Armies of Exigo Review

Ok Grrls what’s there for you…. Not much, it’s a fantasy RTS, it’s not amazons, though they would probably be half naked anyway so thank the gaming gods for that one. If you like an RTS title then although there’s nothing specifically here for the ladies, this one is alright and is about all you can expect.

Get to the point is it good or what?!... It’s okay. I’m not going to say it’s fantastic and get lynched by a group of brawling Warcraft III fanatics, it’s very pretty, it sounds ‘ok’ and it is indeed fun in some places. I liked the idea of the dual map function and I only wish the team behind this had gone a little more with their own ideas rather than cloning Blizzards because they’re clearly a talented bunch. Cut scenes are beautiful and overall RTS fans will probably quite enjoy this, if they can get past the troop AI problems and the frustration that causes.