Transport Giant Down Under (add-on)

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 60/100

Transport Giant Down Under (add-on) Review
Published by: JoWood
Developed by: JoWood
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Wencke Schuncken

If you are a fan of tycoon games and likes to play Transport Giant, be prepared as an add-on called Down Under will be released in February 2005. Yes we are going to Australia, the smallest continent or largest island of the world! But if you guess you're going on a vacation, guess again. You are going down under with a mission: organizing the best possible transportation infrastructure to gain as much many as fast as possible.


Transportation facts:Until 1980, the Australian railroad network wasn't truly completely connected. Although the well-situated and widespread railroad system could be found in the highly populated areas of the country, other parts have never been connected to the network. Also the trains are mainly constructed and used for transporting goods rather then for passenger's transportation. The most important and mainly used transportation method in Australia is per truck. Be alert when you want to cross a road because the trucks are huge and cannot stop that easily. But what are the trains and trucks transporting? Regarding to the Australian branches you can choose to transport ostrich eggs, kiwis, kangaroo meat or even opals.

In this add-on you have the possibility to conquer twelve new missions, campaigns all based in Australia of course. The missions contain historical true events, from the first gold rush, the first crossing of the continent to finish the railroad network, shortly before the start of the new millennium. It's your task to complete the transportation demands by building roads or tracks between industries to assure a short transport method which is financially acceptable. All actions need to be completed in a certain period of time. Maybe you don't succeed the first time, try again and then succeed. The second time is always easier. If you're successful in campaigns, more missions will be unlocked automatically until you've reached the twelfth mission, the last one.


New requirements to win a mission: Annual turnover is the sum of all your income in one year. Try to raise your income until the last mission gaming minute. You can reach the annual turnover in any year and as soon as you've reached it, you have won the mission. Even before the total time limit has ended! Another requirement added to the game is called the total turnover. It's comparable to the annual turnover requirement, however this time your total income since the beginning of the mission will be calculated and not per year.

Compared to the original game some changes have been made; vehicles can be replaced automatically when they break down, the loading of vehicles has been made easier and quicker and the control tower operators have learned a lot since the original version of the game and are now giving priority to airplanes in the air compared to planes on the ground to take off. The landing and take-of tracks have been increased which results in a smooth and more realistic way of working on an airport; as soon as a plain has landed and it's on its way to a parking space, another plane can be send to the runway.

Graphics: With more then 30 faithful copies of typically Australian vehicles such as the legendary road trains, Antonov 2, Antonov AN72, trains X-Trapolis, Comeng, Hitachi and much more you cannot complain about the design. The buildings are examples of the typically Australian style of architecture.
But there's no real change in gameplay grpahics compared to the original game.


Female gamer angle: This add-on for Transport Giant maybe more attractive for women to play as it has some cuddly elements caused by the farms and their animals. At least that's what I liked. There are no characters to describe as there aren’t any characters in the game.

Conclusion:If you are already a fan of the original game Transport Giant, this add-on will be appreciated even more. Step into a new 200 year Australian tycoon adventure and turn a colony into a highly developed logistic paradise, under historically correct conditions! The Australian business is quite different compared to the US or Europe and has a lot to offer. The industry contains for example crocodile and ostrich farms, and opal mines. Enjoy exploring 15 new endless play maps and if you're up for a challenge you can start working on the twelve missions. Enjoy cashing in money!