by Tracy Whitelaw
author awarded score: 75/100

Scrapland Review
Published by: Deep Silver
Developed by: Mercurysteam
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Tracy Whitelaw

Scrapland is one of those titles that had people talking about it long before it ever arrived. The screen shots always looked so beautifully finished and the storyline sounded so intriguing that it was pretty much a given that it would be a big seller. American McGee putting his name to this title gave it kudos before it even left his studios. Many legions of PC gamers are familiar with American McGees Alice, a fantastic fiendish tale of Alice in Wonderland. That game was so good I upgraded my PC to be able to play it. I was a little concerned that Scrapland wouldn’t live up to my personally created hype of it but I wasn’t disappointed.

Scrapland PC Review

The story behind Scrapland is any science fiction fans dream come true. Set in the not too distant future where the earth is no more, we’re informed that humans are the scum of the earth, literally, and should be despised. Scrapland is to be your new home, where robots rule and you are a self-made robot named D-Tritus. When you first arrive you are given a job as a reporter where your task is to look into recent events that have Scrapland up in arms. A robot has been terminated and in a world where you have eternal life through a database that can transport your life into another body, this is big shocking news. Even in a city in which crime seems to pay and in which you yourself will participate in all manner of nasties, final termination of a robot is big news.
As D-Tritus you will go up against the police and many other characters in order to carry out your job as ace reporter. You have to be very careful here. You can be arrested for simply looking suspicious or shifty and the beauty of D-Tritus is that he can take on anothers image and evade people. Brilliant. It reminded me ever so slightly of ‘Under The Skin’ where you can zap people up and become them in order to run away from all the people you’ve upset. It’s a great little trick and makes the game stand out. Some sneaky baddies will however see through your disguises and so you have to become skilled in other areas such as flying gun ships.

Gun ships are wicked little transporters that will zip you around Scrapland in no time at all. They’re stacked to the brim with gadgets to help you guide your way around safely and your little mechanic friend Rusty (nice name) will act as Q to your James Bond throughout. The weird thing about this game is that you can simply steal anothers ship. It is so full of immorality without being in your face that it is simply a hoot. Trust me, there’s nothing better than seeing another ship you fancy and uttering those words to yourself ‘it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine’.

Scrapland PC Review

The gameplay on this title is really first-rate. It feels vast because you have such expansive worlds to explore. Your characters are alive and vibrant and the rest of the background graphics are similar. The game has a really polished feel to it because the visuals really are that good. There are so many different encounters with diverse characters that you’ll find it difficult to become bored. Now I’m not a big PC gamer and I don’t really like using a keyboard for gaming however, you’ll find it fairly easy to use even though the game overall has a pretty steep level of difficulty. This actually proved to be slightly frustrating for me at times but I am sure there will be plenty of you out there who are more than happy to struggle more often than not. The pretty advanced puzzles which come later on in he game will definitely prove to be difficult for some younger gamers and even though this is recommended for 13 and up, I think that it could be a nightmare for them at times. The extra quests and adventures however will no doubt keep most people of all ages occupied for a very long time and I still have a few to do.

The sound on this title is pretty good. I have a 5.1 setup on my PC and it sounded sweet because there’s a ton of sound effects going on in the background most of the time. I actually found some of the robots voices slightly irritating after a while but I think that’s just a personal thing. I can’t really fault the graphics and likewise here I can’t really fault the sound effects. I think that it could have been a little better but at times you’re so absorbed by the graphics that you forget a lot of the sound also. The title is good for deaf gamers because it has subtitles on the screen and therefore you won’t be missing out on anything.

For the female gamer there is plenty here to keep you interested. This game can be completely immersive and the conspiracy theory aspect of it can completely draw you in. If you so desire you can hook up online with some friends to play the multiplayer games but to be honest I think this stands alone as an adventure game pretty well and should be happy at that. The crazy situations you’ll find yourself in are going to appeal to the male and female gaming demographic and I think with a little more clever advertising this could have been a big hit with the ladies.

Scrapland PC Review

Overall I think this is an inventive, original idea. Yes it has a lot of the same basic concepts in it that other games do such as the mini tasks, adventures, puzzles etc but the way it’s presented is unusual and very interesting to look at. I think that this could be one of the best adventure games out on PC for a while and I’m hoping it’s getting the acclaim it deserves. Give it a go. If you want something fun and different this is the title for you. Infact it would most likely have scored even higher had it not become a little frustrating later on trying to work out what’s going on. Nice game though.