by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 70/100

Alida Review
Published by: Project Three Interactive
Developed by: Dejavu Worlds
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Wencke Schuncken

Welcome and please enjoy your stay on one of the most original designed island called Alida. Oh no wait, you cannot enjoy it as you would like to (relaxing holiday, getting served by servants) as a quest is waiting on you! Wasn't there a woman called Julia who is pleading to find her husband Arin back and bring him home. Well any female gamer cannot resist helping out a girlfriend, won't you agree?

Alida female game review

The girlfriend I was referring to is called Julia who's married to Arin, one of the four musicians of the band called Alida. This band had a phenomenal success with their first CD release and earned lots of money with it. And you know how it goes with musicians who are floating in money; they get some pretty wild ideas on how to spend it. The craziest idea was to build an island theme park called Alida which had the shape of a giant guitar (330 meters long). And to make it even more attractive they decided that the guitar should be playable, assisted by machinery, and the internal workings of the guitar could be accessible and manipulated by switches, pots, etc. As Alida was nearing its completion things got complicated as the bands' popularity was decreasing which resulted in a cash flow stop. The band members became distrusted and didn't wanted to lose too much of their fortune and each of them claimed a different area of Alida. And as each of them was very suspicious and distrusted, they defined their area and tried to protect their individual wealth by devising weird and elaborate systems. Not a healthy situation if you ask me and finally the band members retracted from each other, leaving Alida uninhabited. But after 15 years the bands’manager tries to reunite the four members on Alida to resurrecting the island again and operate it as intended. Arin left for Alida but his wife Julia hasn’t heard from him since he left home. What happened to Arin?

Alida female game review

Alida is an interactive point & click adventure that you can navigate through using your mouse only. Depending where the cursor is on the screen, it will change when new options become available like grabbing for an object, moving / looking forward, backwards, use a magnifying glass, etc. Many objects can be manipulated and the cursor will change and it's up to the gamer to push, pull or turn things. When you explore Alida, many puzzles will confront you. The clues to these puzzles could be anywhere so think about where you have been and what you've seen or heard. Many puzzles cannot be solved immediately so if you're not having any luck, don't get frustrated, just leave it and go somewhere else, where you can find possible clues to solve the puzzle. Explore!

Although many point & click games are very well designed, I've never seen something spectacular as Alida in this game genre. Not only does it contain high quality graphics but also holographic video clips and animations to spice things up. Yes you're going to see some actors projected on screen and with the help of a T-runner (a transfer machine) you'll get an animation of how you're gliding through some tunnels. The graphics and related features are well chosen and define the atmosphere of the game. Sometimes it's really dark and spooky but on the other hand there are lots of cool designed places with natural looks including water, trees, etc, which gives you a pleasant feeling. The developer has put a lot of his energy in making the objects as realistic as possible and succeeded.

Alida female game review

As some of the puzzles can only be solved by listening to certain noises, it's very important to have a good hearing ability. The game doesn't contain any subtitles and the spoken language is in English. The sound effects and background music is very cool and again needed to solve some of the puzzles. So not only do you need to explore the environments and it's beauty but you also have to concentrate on the sounds which are also pleasant; wind, water, birds, insects accompanied by an orchestral music theme.

Female gaming angle
The goal of this game is based on a cry for help by Julia. She's asking if you can find her husband Arin and bring him back home. You don't see her, only hear her voice. No other female characters take part in this game. For the female gaming audience who love to solve complicated and mysterious puzzles and have a lot of patience, this game is an excellent choice.

Alida female game review

Alida contains meticulous graphics, unique locations, intriguing puzzles, bizarre transportation machines, ornate objects, electronic imagery, tactile contraptions, massive constructions, animated natural elements and original music, and now I need to breath...
This point & click game is enjoyable for all gamers who like to explore and interact within the virtual 3D environment of Alida, totally packed with pretty difficult puzzles, mysteries and the urge to move on, but patience is the hidden factor to complete this game. In the beginning of the game you don't exactly understand what is wrong or where to go to. You'll spend much time exploring the available sections of the Alida Island and in the meantime you'll find answers or new mysteries as you go along. The good thing is that the developer included 2 important things to make a gamer's life easier: A rocket mode feature and a walkthrough. The rocket mode can be switched on if you're in a certain area and at any time of the game you can be transferred to the place you've assigned. This will save time as you don't have to walk all the way to that certain place. The walkthrough is always handy if you get stuck and you don't have a clue how to solve a puzzle. And yes I had to use it a lot unfortunately as the puzzles confused me as the answers should be found at a totally different place. Also the difficulty level is very high, but again the developer has counted the somewhat less intellectual gamers in and included the walkthrough.