Kult Heretic Kingdoms

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 85/100

Kult: Heretic Kingdoms
Published by: Project Three Interactive
Developed by: 3D People
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Wencke Schuncken

"Religion is death - and death to religion"
In a land whose God has been slain, religion and idolatry became crimes pursued by a dogged Inquisition. The Theocrat once ruled by the might of a sword named the Godslayer, but rebellion brought that era to an end. Now as chaos divides the Heretic Kingdoms, two political powers fight for control. Each seeks the Godslayer for its own purposes…but the sword cannot be found.

Kult: Heretic Kingdoms female game review

In this game you're able to play a feminine zealous Inquisitor who is skilled in warfare but somewhat lacking in experience and diplomacy. As it is the task of the Inquisition to root out all forms of religion, you've sworn allegiance to this cause. As the aide of the High Inquisitor, Lord Valkarin, you have been charged with the task of destroying the Godslayer, a sword of great religious significance. Destruction of this sword would be a great victory for the Inquisition. You have traveled to west Corwenth with the High Inquisitor after finally discovering that the Godslayer has been concealed in a remote monastery - but at the time you arrive, the monastery is already aflame. Oef, that's quite a heavy introduction. Okay every game has or should contain a story, but this one is heavy. Even if you don't have any knowledge about the real inquisition (catholic) this is a pretty tough story to understand. But all will become clear while making progress in the game as the story will be revealed and illustrated by a storyteller plus during your quests you're going to meet some pretty interesting people who also share their knowledge.

For all RolePlayingGame girls this game is perfect as it starts with character creation. The female Inquisitor is presented and you can change her outfit, hair color and style. Don't forget to change her name and last but not least you're going to determine which skills you want to increase whether its melee, ranged, magic or speed. Her statistics increase and you can focus on your first quest. Together with a mentor you're going to visit a monastery and your first quest is to find the Godslayer' sword. You search and explore but no sword can be found of course. But in the meantime you learn how to control your character, how to beat enemies and how to deal with gamer frustrations of not finding the sword. I kept on searching and also switched to dreamland mode. Not that this is a mode where the character goes asleep and have nice dreams. In the contrary…the dreamland mode is very scary and a mysterious experience. As soon as you activate the dreamworld with a single click, the environment changes, a blue-green shimmer appears and your world turns into a strange place with ghosts to beat or dead people to talk to. It's a parallel world and you can switch whenever you like. As I couldn't find the sword in the "real" world, I tried to find it in the dreamworld. Again no success but I've learned a lot about handling the game in a short period of time.

Kult: Heretic Kingdoms female game review

As soon as you leave the monastery, a map becomes available and a new location can be explored. The new location is a village where you're going to meet and talk to the villagers in order to get new quests. The quests contain assignments such as returning people back to the village which are taken into prison in another location, pleasing a trader by selling him meat, and raising enough money to by your own house. Multiple different kinds of quests become available and not very hard to fulfill. Due to the simplicity of the quests and the variety it makes this game really enjoyable and addicted to keep on playing. Some quests are in the "real" world and some needs to be accomplished in the dreamworld. The quests are clearly indicated and you always can check the quest-list to refresh your memory of what to do. If you move your PC mouse over a quest' name, the voice of the mentor can be heard as he explains the goal of the quest very clearly! Achieve the many different quests, beat the creatures and finally unfold the story to get a happy ending.

The controlling is mainly done by mouse clicks; right click for attack or left click to move the character. And to avoid more pressure on your wrist and RSI complaints, you can hold down the mouse button in combat to deal damage or block attacks, so no ridiculous click till you drop battles, which is great but also a little bit too easy. The games interface is very clearly and easy to use. You can click on buttons to get status reports (character, quests, inventory, dreamworld) but these can also pop up by using hot- keys. Also up to ten items can be attached to hot-keys to switch easier between weapons or to heal your character over and over again or to save the game with a single hot-key click. All in all a very simple and enjoyable gaming controlling!

Kult: Heretic Kingdoms female game review

Upgrading the character is one of your main tasks to get you in shape to beat the mean creatures and what do we need? Energy! Energy is an easy factor in the game, just have a good night sleep and your energy status bar is refueled. If things aren’t turning out as expected and your losing energy, just click on a herb item and tadaaa a new energy boost has been added. And the herb never runs out! But every time you use the herb energy item, the maximum energy decreases. Many locations on the map include a fire camp, an inn or a house for sale where you can sleep for the night. All energy is regained and you’re ready to move on with your quests and upgrade the character. By beating enemies you get advance points which can be added to your chosen skill (melee, ranged, magic or speed). Also weapons can be upgraded of course and you can pick up and use the ‘slaughtered” enemies weapons or buy better weapons from a merchant.

As a spoiled gamer I have to state that the graphics are a little bit out of date compared to other Role Playing Games which are available on the market for PC nowadays. But nevertheless it doesn't spoil the fun factor while playing. The characters are beautifully designed and that also counts for the many different kind of creatures. Especially the ghosts are wonderfully styled, which are visible in the dreamworld. It's a pity that you're not able to zoom in as much as you would like to get a perfect view of your character during the game for example. Of course it is possible to get a close up by clicking on the character button which shows your inventory, status and the way you look of course. As you equip, up-grade the character with a shield, helm, and other protected items, it’s fun to see your character change from time to time. The world has several places to visit and each are different designed. There is of course the village, the mines, the monastery, a camp and so on. Each with specific creatures, environments and story follow-up presented with drawings.

Kult: Heretic Kingdoms female game review

Double feelings about the sound. Some sound effects are way over done. While walking in the monastery it was as if I was walking on high heels. The sound effect was too loud and didn’t match well with the game situation. This also count for the many different bird sounds in the forest. It’s nice to hear it, but it’s just too loud and itches my ear. Where’s the background music, ah yes. It isn’t disturbing, therefore I didn’t really notice it. It is kind of orchestra cinematic background tune and changes along with the game; if enemies are coming your way, the music sweeps up and alerts you. Also the storyteller is just right for the job as he reveals the story bit by bit with a relaxed but somewhat dark voice. If you cannot keep up with his voice, don’t worry as all is subtitled and most of the story must be read anyway. Besides the storyteller, no other voices are used and all conversation is written on screen.

The female gaming angle section in this review could be huge as I was so excited about playing a female leading character in a good game. It gave me the same comfortable feeling as playing “beyond good and evil” with a cool character! Okay in this game I can actually create and upgrade the character as I like and it’s a different kind of game play, but it still gave me a good feeling. The name can be changed as well as her outfit, hair color and style and picking out the most decent cloths possible. The only thing you cannot change is the scarve on her face which is a mark of the dead God. She had it since she was a little baby and it means that she was foreseen to become a mage. She was imprisoned in Theocrat' dungeons as a child till her 14th year. Rebel forces had taken over the citadel and lord Valkarin found and freed her. He immediately understood that she was special and needed in the Inquisition. But hold on, she's not the only female character in the game as you're going to meet another member of the Inquisition called Carissa Cantrecht, a mother who needs to be reunited with her children, listen to the story about Mara Valkarin and please Madam Zoftig by sending her a bard over. Enough female contribution in this game.

Kult: Heretic Kingdoms female game review

Wow, this has become a rather long review, but worth it, just like the game! Although it has a complicated story, the gameplay and controlling are making sure that the story keeps on rolling in a fluent way. The different kind of quests are a pleasure to fulfill with quite a low difficulty level even if you play it the normal mode. The ultimate plus is of course the female leading role which made me feel very comfortable. The characters can react quite funny sometimes, but the leading lady has an answer on everything even when she’s in Madam’s Zoftig house of pleasure. Every gamer girl who loves to play a Role Playing Game should check this game inside out!