Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 80/100

Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Review
Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Three Rings Design
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Wencke Schuncken

Ahoy, mates! Welcome landlubbers and swashbucklers to the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates review. Step into a social online world of puzzling piracy with lots of different games to play and dozens of people to play or to socialize with. Become a pirate, play and win games to earn “Pieces of Eight” (game money) and upgrade your pirate with items or in ranking. And you know what the best thing is? This game can be played for free! You know what the bad thing is? It's pretty addictive!

 Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates female game review

Are you ready to step into the online world of fun puzzle games? If so, you need to download a small program. The downloading and installation only takes a couple of minutes. Note that the game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. After the file has been downloaded and installed, you need to create an account (name, password, year of birth) to get to your pirate character screen. Yes, it's time to create your own Pirate character. Enter a twelve digit name, select female or male, your preferable hairstyle and color and the skin color. Just test a couple of them and your character will be visualized on screen. You probably going to notice that the character wears some lousy cloths, but I'll get back on that later on as you cannot change your cloths at the moment. As soon as you confirmed your character you end up on Captain Calista's ship. He's going to explain, with a sense of humor, how you can start working on the ship. In other words how you can start a certain game. He also explains about the interface and its categories, but of course I understand that you want to play games, rather than checking out each feature. So let's move on to the different kind of games which are available.

In total there are sixteen different games to play, but the free trail only let me play just a couple of them. I loved to play the card games such as spades and hearts but there are also many other tactic puzzle games to choose from. Here's a description of my favorite three games.

 Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates female game review

Bilge Pumping
Oh oh, water everywhere and the pirates need to bilge the water out of the ship, back into the ocean before we drawn. The more pirates participate, the faster the job is done. You need to puzzle to get the water out of the ship. The puzzle contains different kind of tiles which needs to be lined up, horizontal or vertical. But you can only move one tile horizontally. Making rows and columns with a minimum of three of the same tiles is the main principle of the game. The longer the rows and columns, the faster the bilging goes. As soon as you lined up the tiles, they'll disappear and the tiles below move up. The game isn't good for a RSI patient, but it's a lot of fun to do and you earn quite some "Pieces of Eight", the pirates' currency.

 Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates female game review

Sword Fighting
The noble art of a Pirate combat is the Sword fighting puzzle. Don't expect to have a sword in your hands and fight against an opponent, no it's another puzzle game. Again you need to line up different kind of tiles which are coming down from the top, just like tetris. But some tiles have the shape of a sword, and you need to use them to stick on the same colored tile. The sword then destroys the same colored tiles and you have some more space to drop the tiles. This game can be played against another pirate and the first one who hasn't got any space left to place a tile has lost the match.

 Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates female game review

Drinking Game
That sounds like a good game, don't you agree? It's a relaxed game played about a table in a tavern, or on the deck of any rum-stocked Pirate vessel. It is a social puzzle with a relaxed pace. The goal in the game is to gather as many points as possible by lining up seven glasses or bottles to remove the complete line. Each turn the pirate can place 1 drink on the table. The more spaces you have placed on a row, the more points you score if the line gets filled. For example if you put four drinks in one row and another pirate places three drinks but fills the line with the last drink, you still gain most of the points. It's a tactic and relaxed game to play and can be played against other pirates.

Puzzle Pirates is an online game with possible subscription (if you want to play all features and rank in a crew). There are several options:
Play the Subscription Ocean for a limited time free trial (7 days). On a Subscription Ocean you receive a free trial, after which you must pay a fixed fee per month, quarter, or year to continue playing. But you can also play indefinitely for free on a Doubloon Ocean. Here you can play for free indefinitely; individual items and privileges are unlocked by paying with Doubloons, which must be purchased with real money or by earning enough "Pieces of Eight" to trade.

Communicating with other pirates is a piece of cake. There's a chatbox to talk or shout in, but you can also get a more personal conversation with other pirates if you're standing in a room. Just get close to some pirates and your communication will get visible in a speech bubble near your head. Subsequent bubbles are placed underneath earlier ones and the older ones turn yellow and then fade away. You can send requests to other pirates to become their personal friends. You can chat in private and can invite them over for a game. Also a benefit of having a friends' list is the ability to see if they're online.

 Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates female game review

The female point of view is a little bit difficult as I don't want to generalize the Gamer Girls with stating that this is a puzzle game and therefore excellent suited for the female audience. Ok, it is, but after running the Gamer Girls Unite site, I'm convinced that most of us ladies prefer the normal console games more than just plain puzzle games. Anyway, if you like the puzzles as I described a couple of them, why not check it out if you like Puzzle Pirates or not. I've playing it now for a couple of weeks and hooked for several reasons; addictive puzzle games, love playing hearts and the "Pieces of Eight" can be used to trade against clothing or other items. Hey you want to look good if you go online, don't you! And with the lousy cloths you get in the beginning it's time for a new outfit! But I can understand if you prefer to bet your earned money to play a game with a big jackpot instead of cashing it in for some cloths.

The end conclusion is final: if you love to play puzzle games, you really need to check out Puzzle Pirates. Choose the trial version or the totally free version with some restrictions. Don't expect top graphics, it' s more cartoon-like. The characters look like playmobil dolls which makes the game cute. So guess, what I'm doing in about five minutes, after publishing this review? Exactly, playing Puzzle Pirates to get another 1000 "pieces of Eight" to buy that lovely red dress ;)