Amju Super Golf

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 60/100

Amju Super Golf Review
Published By: Amju Games
Developed By: Amju Games
Format Reviewed: PC
Review by: Wencke Schuncken

As the actors of Monty Python said in their early years “and now something completely different”. Currently hardware and software needs to be state of the technology art with very realistic characters and environment as this is what gamers demand according to the big game companies. If we take a look at golf games these days such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour, not only the characters needs to be visualized as in real life but also the flora and even the public attendees. Therefore it’s now time for something completely different, it’s time to chill out with a cute designed golf game called Amju Super Golf.

Amju Super Golf Review

Instead of playing on a realistic course, you need to take control over the leading character Amju who seems to be in a kind of “Alice in Wonderland” golf course. Very colorful with chess patterns, moving platforms, hearts all over the place and even crazy animals show up after smashing their sheds. Hold on, let’s take this step for step with some main goals in mind. The ultimate goal is of course to put the ball in the hole, but it’s not going to be easy as the way to the hole is blocked with gates. To open the gates Amju needs to hit some moon items which are placed on the course with her golf ball. Also the courses aren’t just straight on courses, there are stairs to conquer, moving platforms and often you need to use the camera view to see how the course has been designed and which way to go to make it to the hole. Besides the main goal it’s essential to collect (hit) all items available and not hitting the ball outside the course because then you need to start all over again.

The game contains two eighteen holes course, called the “apple turnover” and the “banana split”. So in total there are 36 courses to play. If you conquered a single course, you can keep on playing it over and over again, just by selecting it in the main menu. But in the beginning all courses are grey shaded which means that you aren’t allowed to play them, yet. You start of with three golf balls but can expand the number of balls by hitting, collecting all of the hearts on the playfield. These are visualised and are turning around on the screen. There’s also a shed which holds animals inside such as little chickens. If you hit the shed, it will break and the animals will be released. They are walking and making circles on the course and it’s up to you if you’re going to hit them or not. If you do hit them they turn into star items and by hitting these you also gain an extra ball! To make it easier to hit the animals, you can stop them walking around by hitting a bean item which freezes the animals! But it’s much more fun to try hitting them when they’re walking around. Are you wondering why extra balls are needed? You can hit the balls outside the course and then they’re gone!

Amju Super Golf Review

The controlling of the game is quite easy. There’s a big blue cross on the golf ball. Click with your right mouse button on the ball and drag the mouse in the direction you want the ball to hit. A red line and a power bar appear and you can see how far the ball the reaches when you release the mouse click. Drag the mouse left or right to aim and pull it down to give the ball more power, but don’t release the mouse button until you’re sure of your action. It’s a simple way of controlling but after playing it for a while you’ll notice the stiffness in your wrist. If you’re a kind of lost on the crazy golf courses you can click on a

Amju Super Golf included a “how to play” file for gamers who like to get more information of what the hearts and other items are for or how to control the game before actually starting it or learning by doing. As soon as you start the game, a nice melody accompanies the gameplay with some simple sound effects. If you hit the animals shed you’ll hear the sound of breaking wood. If you hit a moon item you’ll hear the gate opening, and if you hit the ball outside the course a big bell sounds to wake you up to concentrate some more on your next shots. If you have some hearing disabilities or your PC audio card isn’t working, don’t worry. The gameplay and it’s features are clearly visualised on screen plus you can check the instructions in the “how to play” file. There are no voices used in this game to explain the gameplay or even reactions of the leading characters.

Amju Super Golf Review

As for the female gaming point of view it’s quite easy; Amju is a girl who’s not going to challenge Tiger Woods, no she’s going to challenge you, whether you’re a male or a female! You take control over her as she’s the leading character in a very colorful golf game. And she even brings her sister Marin along in the two player game. They both look very cute, especially Marin as she’s very small (half the size of Amju) and has two hair tails. Actually they look more as mother and daughter.

My end conclusion after playing most of the golf courses is that is a pleasurable and welcome variant of the common golf games which are available on the market. It’s different but the gameplay is really enjoyable for a long time. It’s a family recommended game which can be played with a maximum of two players. Another two good aspects are that it has no time pressure and after conquering a course you can choose to play it anytime you like! For the fanatic golfers who get their kicks over skills and statistics to compare their improvements, there’s an overview after each course to check the maximum power shots used, drive accuracy, putting accuracy, etc. To me that was a secondary accessory in the game, but if you’re playing it with an opponent it can make a difference. Amju Super Golf can be purchased online at website for $19,95 and is available for Mac OS X and Windows. The site offers a downloadable demo with a trial period, which gives you the change to play and order it if you really like it!