A Gamer Girls Unite "Game & Enjoy" Cruise

by Wencke Schuncken


Summer holidays.

Some of us already know how they're going to spend their summer break but some of us are still clueless. Should I travel, which country would I like to explore, what kind of holiday, what do I need to pack, what are the costs etc
Maybe we can help you out with the next unique travel offer:

shipLast year, fanatic gamers have build a real cruise ship,
after they were trained by Cruise Ship Tycoon.
They qualified in ensuring that guests can have a good time,
employees are satisfied and doing a great job,
and that the luxury liner in the fleet is both modern and seaworthy.

shipThis cruise ship is now going this summer for an exclusive game journey, and it's going to be a great experience.
A Game & Enjoy Cruise especially for Game Girls Unite readers.
And you know what is the best thing about it? You can come along!!!
We're dedicated to making sure you have the most fun possible.
This cruise trip is absolutly FREE, step on board and gogogo

Day 1:
shipAfter checking in and unpacked your bags, you'll have a couple of hours left to see the beautifull view of the carribean. Go on top of the deck to take some beautiful pictures. Explore the ship facilities and be ready for the Muppets Party Cruise.

muppetsKermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the Muppet gang are starring in the Muppet Party cruise.
They organise 30 mini-games and the guests need to form teams of 4 to participate. In this way you'll get to know who's your fellow game cruise mates, it's a kind of introduction. The winners of this "competition" will be invited to join captain Wencke at dinner.

Day 2:
TigerWoodsAfter the the introduction, yesterday we'll take you to Pebbles Beach, California.
You'll get a chance to play on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour course.
We've invited a dozen top pros, including Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh,
Justin Leonard, John Daly, Adam Scott and Natalie Gulbis which are up for a challenge.
Who dares?

karaokeIn the evening on the lower deck you're most welcome to dance and sing at the Karaoke Revolution Party.
The alcoholic drinks are for free, to get you in to the mood of being an superstar standing on a podium....no comments. You can party as long as you want as long as the DJ can keep up with all of you.

Day 3:
relaxThis is your day "off" (game over), keep it cool, lay at the pool for a while in the sun, check out all of the ship facilities, cause we will stay at sea for the rest of the day. If you need some headache pills, please go to our nursery room, or go to the bar and start drinking again ;o)

ddrIn the air-conditioned chill out game room, you can play games on any console, and our game library contains more then 800 videogames.
2 DDR Machines and 2 beatmania arcades (no coins) area up for a challenge

Day 4:
farcryAfter the videogame release of Far Cry,
more and more tourists are visiting this magnificant island for a nice game of paintball. And we would like you to participate. Grab a paintball gun, whipe some black stripes on your face, put camouflaged clothing on, I SAID ARE YOU READY???

farcryYou'll be exporing the island to find your enemies. If you see a target, start shooting paintballs! The more hits, the better. After every round of 30 minutes, everybody gathers at the control room, at the beach.
Clothes needs to be changed if you were hit. The jury counts the hit spots.

farcryPer speedboad, everybody will be brought the south side of the island, to do the last battle. After 30 minutes, everybody gathers at the speedboats where the jury can start counting the hitpoints again and
present the winning team!

farcryAfter a break we'll go together for a little adventure, objectives.
The objective is to find the Far Cry Female Reporter hidden on the island.
If the team is able to find her within 2 hours, she'll give you a ticket for a special Far Cry Dinner Party.

Day 5:
zootycoonIt's nice to be active, and sometimes it's nice just to hang around. Today is a "hang out" day, and all you have to do is sit in a bus, walk a little but most of all enjoying the view. It's Zoo Tycoon Time. After a 2 hour bustrip we arrive at the Burkitsville Zoo (Maryland).

zootycoonThe zoo is a proud owner of bengal tigers, black rhinoceros, gemsbok, chimpanzees, elephants, ostriches, kangaroos and gazelles.
All are linked by wide cobblestone paths decorated with a mixture of fountains, statues and flowers. Restaurants, carousels and animal theaters are opened till 8 PM. Burkitsville Zoo is opened till 9 PM.

Day 6:
rollercoasterMore amusement coming up in the Amusement Parc today:
Rollercoaster Tycoon.
This is a unique amusement parc, as you can design in a group of 10 people your own rollercoaster.
After designing it (before 11 AM!), a construct team will start building your design and after 2 AM you're able
to take the ride in your very own rollercoaster.

volleyballIf you would rather stay on the beach and be a little active, you are most welcome at our Summer Heat Beach Volleyball tournament.
Towels and water are available at the bar.

Day 7:
pool"Something for everybody Day" as today there are multi games on the program. We are heading for a nice and calm resort island called Pool Paradise.On this island you can take part on several pool games on the beach and other games like darts, a skeeball variation called skeepool, and an arcade game called dropzone.

double dashIf this isn't your cup of tea, you can cart on the deck (as well through the ballroom!) in the Mario Kart Double Dash karting compo "Daisy Cruiser". This course is pretty tight on space, so expect a lot of bumping around if you're in the middle of the pack. The main obstacle here is the ballroom with the shifting tables and item boxes.
There's no real secret to avoiding them though. Just drift around them if you need to avoid them.

waverace After the ballroom there's a hatch right after the first 90 degree turn that you can go down.

If you like, you can also race on the water with our
Wave Race: Blue Storm competition. Up to 4 players can join 1 race.
Take your jet-ski (with new turbo feature!) and start racing, but don't forget to enjoy the splashing water while the lovely sun is shining on your skin.

Day 8 till day 10:
uruNo, we are not going to blindfold you, but we aren't going to tell you which island we're going to visit, as it is a secret. We call it "URU Island". As you noticed this is a 4 day stay and it's the biggest adventure we can offer. We are not going into detail, but it contains some educational puzzle solving game, and you need to act as a team to accomplish some educational puzzles.

uru1The main objective is to to collect seven different parts of a magical symbol that must be compiled in order to complete your adventure. You play as explorers drawn to an excavation site at which "the ruins of the lost D'ni civilization" have been discovered. Using various tomes, you travel across four different realms, "island zones", to collect these seven parts.
Note: If you're not interested in this quest, you can stay on board and enjoy the ships facilities.

Day 11:
all overGame Over ...
This is the end of our trip.

Don't forget to exchange e-mail addresses and websites for future contacts with your fellow holiday team mates!

We hope to have you on board NEXT YEAR!