Codemaster 2008 Line-Up Event

by Steffi De Clippeleir

Codemasters Line Up Event

Earlier this week we, and a bunch of other magazines and websites, were invited to go and learn about games at the ‘Codemaster 2008 Line-Up Event’ in Antwerp. As on the invitation was printed that the presentation would start at 11AM sharp, I marched in there at 10:45AM, sat myself down, got handed a fruit juice and croissant and so I anxiously waited what was going to happen. At 11:15 someone finally came to tell us it was time, we were guide into a room with comfy seats and a big screen in front, the presentation began.


Race Driver GRID

We got to see a bunch of games, 8 in total, and I will try to tell you little about all of them. It started off with Race Driver GRID, it was clear the Codemaster’ people were really excited about this one. They kept hammering down the fact that race games are not what they are supposed to be anymore. I have to admit: I agree. Last few years race-games have been all about collecting, decorating and tuning cars. In this game it’s all about the spectacular crashes, loud engines and fast cars; this game is about racing. First they showed us an FMV (Full Motion Video) trailer then some in-game footage and I must say it’s looking really good. It will include some of the most famous racing circuits and the most exhilarating race cars from all over the world. The game is releasing 30th of May on NDS, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 so if you’re looking for a realistic race experience through a Hollywood-director‘s eyes, this title is what you need. Yes, racing just got exciting again!

Overlord: Raising Hell was another game presented; a long trailer was shown with FMV as well as in-game footage. This game will only be released on the PS3 and is, from what I can see, a refreshed better version of its precursor on the 360. One of the main problems with the 360 version was that you didn’t have a mini-map or anything to navigate on for that matter… That, for example, is something that has been fixed now. It will also include the Raising Hell expansion pack that was released for the 360 version. So PS3 owners watch out for this title to hit the stores in June 2008.


Overlord: Raising Hell

Three games that they showed us, Jumpgate Evolution, Damnation and Dragonology, were quickly gone over. A short teaser was shown with hardly anything revealed so I can just give you the facts. Here it goes: Jumpgate Evolution is a Sci Fi space MMO which will be subscription based. The universe looks absolutely huge and they say it will have endless combinations of shields, weapons, radars and tons of other equipment. They will be having a public bèta for which you can enrol on the official website website.

Damnation is a 3the person shooter due for release in December. The teaser looked great but so far only FMV footage, at the presentation they called it ‘the perfect mix between Assassins Creed and Gears of War’. They say the game will be a whole new kind of shooter with massive environments where danger can come from all around. Codemasters promised us more information, screens and trailer about this game soon so keep your eyes out!



With Dragonology, Codemasters is aiming at a younger crowd, the game will be released for the Wii and the NDS October this year. It is based on a series of books were you learn about dragons, wizards or pirates. In the actual game you will learn about dragons. How to find them, protect them, handle them, train them etc. To learn more about what this game is really about you should visit website.

Later this year the first official LOTR expansion, Mines of Moria, will be released. It will contain 10 new levels and 2 new classes, the Warden and the Runekeeper. MMO players will also be getting Book 13, 'Doom of the Last King', this will offer a cold/icy new coastal area to explore. The weather there will have its impacts on your character and the surrounding gameplay. The Lossoth, which is a new race, and War Mammoths will be added, alongside with fellowship enhancements, new monsters and much more. They confirmed that they will now be planning annual expansions and lastly they also confirmed Book 14 will arrive later this summer.


Operation Flashpoint 2

You may or may not know that Operation Flashpoint 2 is something Codemasters has been working on for a very long time. They have been working with war veterans and huge databases of information to make this the closest to ware experience you’ll ever want to have. We saw a few minutes of in-game footage and I must say mission success! The level of realism is extremely high. We saw 8 command options to give to your team, we saw the character look at things with his binoculars and then saying what it is, how many enemies there are and then we saw him giving an air strike to a target miles away from himself. It is really spectacular the way you interact with absolutely everything in your environment. They said they hope to release it either end this year or the beginning of next. I for one can’t wait.

Rise of the Argonauts was given the most information about. An Action RPG developed around ancient Greek mythology. You can expect a preview about this game next week so I won’t reveal any information just yet.


Rise of the Argonauts

It seems to me that Codemasters showed us a wide variety of games on all consoles, the NDS and the PC. Going from mature shooters like Operation Flashpoint 2 till exciting adventures for kids with Dragonology. This shows us Codemasters is growing and trying to fulfil the needs of all the kinds of different gamers out there; young or old, male or female. I believe they have a strong line-up ready for 2008 but only time will tell…