Personal Animal Crossing Character

by Wencke Schuncken

Have you ever met HuggyMe? She’s one of the cutest game characters running around in Animal Crossing Wild World, if you ask me. Although I could have dozens of other female characters from Animal Crossing (AC) to choose from, I’ve decided to introduce my own personal AC character to you. There’s a lot to talk about her daily activities, hobbies, friends, etc. So let’s reveal HuggyMe’s virtual life!

HuggyMe has been created on the 19th of December, one of the happiest days of my life. From origin I was a huge Animal Crossing fan and when Animal Crossing was being released on the Nintendo DS I already made up my mind regarding the characters name. It shouldn’t be my real name, but a cute name, as all AC characters look cute in my opinion. While thinking of possible new features in the game, I wondered if you could hug other AC characters and then it hit me: HuggyMe! Could there be a better name projected to perform an action? But while playing I experienced that it wasn’t possible to hug each other, which is quite a bummer but no reason to change the original picked name.

Goals, set, go! HuggyMe has a lot of goals in her virtual life. She wants to become best friends with all of the “W Town” villagers and meet new friends from all over the world. Therefore she travels a lot to other towns to meet new but also old friends who’ve moved. Not only talking is enjoyable but also giving away presents is rewarding. But she can’t play for Santa Claus all the time; she’s got a major mortgage to pay off. Yes, she is trapped in Tom Nooks estate rip off web and has to pay thousand and thousand of Bells to become the legal and pride owner of her own humble home! Earning bells can be done by performing certain activities, which turned into favorite hobbies or better stated: “routine jobs”?

Her daily activities start with getting out of bed and checking if the postman delivered some letters which can contain presents! After checking, reading and unpacking the presents, it’s time to take a walk on the beach and focusing with one eye at the sea, checking if any fish swimming in the sea can be caught. Not to prepare a nice meal, but to sell it to Nook and get some money. So after the fishing and beach walk it’s time to visit Nook. And while she’s in the shop selling fish, it’s a natural instinct to check out the latest items which are for sale! HuggyMe isn’t able to leave the store empty handed, she always has to buy something whether it’s furniture or plants (seeds). Next to Nook is a fashion store. After the shopping spree at Nooks, it’s time to drop by and see what new shirts have been made, delivered and most important, what new headgear and special articles are available. HuggyMe is a fashion freak and constantly wants to wear a new outfit with accordable accessories of course. She created a sort of fetishism for hats and is very disappointed when the fashion store cannot deliver new hats! But fashion also cost bells so after the shopping it’s time to look for the free things in life! Shaking trees is a very valuable activity and it’s always a surprise what falls down. It can be a bag with Bells, furniture items, fruit (sellable as well) but unfortunately also a lot of bees which will sting our little HuggyMe. Ouch! When all trees have revealed their hidden presents, it’s time to relax or plant the seeds to create a perfect town.

The above activities seem so money driven. Well, it is partly but it’s not what Huggyme’s life is all about. There are also the collecting and designing activities. As there’s a museum in town, HuggyMe tries to be the number one donator. She collects fossils, paintings, bugs, and fish and donates them to the museum. One of each original specie or item will get a place in the museum, others will be returned and HuggyMe can decide if she’s going to place it in her house, giving it away to a villager or selling it to Nook. Oooh choices to make haha. As the museum also has a bar and the best coffee in town it’s obvious that she has to drop by and taste the hot coffee on a daily basis! Now over to HuggyMe’s designer talents. In the past she has designed quite a number of fashionable shirts and a town flag. Not only did she copy the Burberry print but gave her best shot in drawing the cow of Harvest Moon, Princess Peach, Meteos and the Ghosbusters logo's on a shirt. It was a success and in no time the villagers wore these shirts. The Princess Peach design even got printed on the town flag which is quite an honor!

Lately HuggyMe is focusing on two things; running a hotel and traveling through the WiFi world. While paying off mortgage after mortgage, her house got bigger and bigger. More rooms became available to decorate. But the house was way too big for HuggyMe alone. So she decided to make a hotel out of it and rent the rooms to visitors. The hotel has one single bed Robo room, a 2 person Lovely room and a Modern penthouse. Of course the entrance room has been decorated to check in, to play piano, watch TV or read a newspaper in a comfortable chair. In the near future the rooms will be fine tuned and a restaurant will be created. Oh HuggyMe, you’re full of energy! As if all the activities don’t drain you out! What is your secret to keep moving on? She secretly told me that meeting new people, new villagers from all over the world gives her energy and inspiration to move on. She simply loves to talk to “strangers” and exploring their worlds. She meets all kinds of people who all have one thing in common; they simply adore Animal Crossing!

As HuggyMe is quite a busy girl, I would like to thank her for taking the time to support me with this report. She had an awful lot of things to say as she’s a very motivating and sparkling personality but I couldn’t mention all of it, maybe I should write a book? One important thing not mentioned in this report, which seemed very important to her, was the fact that although money may seem to be the most driven part in the game, it actually is NOT! It is about using your imagination! To have fun, relax, design, explore, create new relationships it is necessary to use your imagination and be social to all people you'll meet during your life! If you’re using your imagination wisely, you’ll feel like a ten year old from time to time, and be honest, thinking back and feeling like a ten year old makes me happy all over again!