Princess Peach

Starring in many Nintendo games

by Wencke Schuncken

If there's a pop quiz and the quizmaster wants to know the oldest and most famous Nintendo's female character, what would be your answer? Ten points if you answered "Princess Peach"! If you came up with another character, stay tuned as we're going to take a deep dive into the history to reveal the virtual life of Princess Peach!

Let's face it, either you love or hate her. Love her cause she looks adorable with her "cannot hurt anyone" blue eyes and pink outfit or hate her because she's the typical styled female character who gets into trouble and needs to be rescued by a short, plump man with an overall, called Mario. But you've got to admit that she's Nintendo's most famous female character with quite an astonishing videogame history. But first we’re going to talk about her appearance / look.

Just like any other girl, Princess Peach experimented with dying her hair. While performing in the earlier NES videogames she appeared with brown or red hair and outlines. When she was asked to perform in Super Mario World, she decided to go for blond. What her origin hair color his, is kept secret, but it is assumable to think that blond is her original hair color (or she must have a really good hairdresser which does her hair every 2 weeks or wearing a wig). Blond hair, blue eyes, pale face, cute nose, lips which inspired many ladies to pump up their lips too. What are we missing? Cloths? Well it seems that Princess Peach loves pink. Whether it is a dress, a tennis skirt, a ski or football outfit, it has to be pink for sure as you can see on the different picture poses.

Princess Peach started her fictional character life in the Mario video game series back in the days of 1985! She appeared in Super Mario Bros as the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and later on in many subsequent games. If you wonder if she took on the role of a victorious ruler of the land, you're mistaken. Over and over again she got kidnapped by Bowser, a big evil turtle-like creature who wants to gain control over the Mushroom Kingdom. Note that Peach was called Princess Toadstool in the NES and SNES Mario games in the North American versions, and changed to Princess Peach since the N64 Mario games.

Not only did Peach played the “Help me, help me, I’m a kidnapped Princess” role. Seven years after her first videogame experience, videogame producers discovered her sport talents and offered her a part in Super Mario Kart. Later on more sporty roles became available for our little Peach and she started not only a tennis career but also a golf, baseball, ski and football career. And that’s not it! She also likes to play party games or fight with the tougher styled characters in Super Smash Bros Melee. At the moment a rumor is circulating that she’s also going to be active involved in an upcoming basketball game for the Nintendo DS but that isn’t going to be a problem as she already played basketball in NBA Street V3 and she sure knows how to dunk. As you’ll already noticed she’s got a huge list of games which she played in, but never got much appreciation as more popular game characters claimed all attention. But tide changes and FINALLY Princess Peach got her own game; Super Princess Peach. Now it's her turn to rescue the poor Mario Brothers. Yes it is payback time!

Her gaming career and “videogamegraphy” is astonishing and with the release of Super Princess Peach it finally came to a career peak! And she deserved it after all the hard work, the many hours of being a top athlete and dealing with the stress while being kidnapped. Quite astonishing to see how Princess Peach evolved to what she is today. Whether you love or hate her, she deserves your respect!