Legend of Dragoon

by Wencke Schuncken

Rose, from Legend of Dragoon

Easily one of the most interesting--and badass--girls in the PS1 RPG world. Though little known, Legend of Dragoon was supposed to be the counter for Final Fantasy VIII, and the amazing gameplay, interesting storyline, and amazing character development certainly did not hurt its cause.

Rose is one of the supporting characters in the game, the Dark Dragoon. She starts off as the most powerful character and easily stays that way if one chooses to play with her in their main party. Her 'additions'--the fighting system where the player must actually participate in the turn-based fights by pressing either x or square at the right moments--are some of the best and just plain cool, with names like: Whip Smack, More and More, Hard Blade, and Demon's Dance.

Additionally, Rose's magical abilities--able to be used when she turns into a Dragoon--are very helpful to the entire party. Though she is the Dark Dragoon, her attacks range from healing to dealing massive damage with her dragon, Michael.

A beautiful woman with long, black hair, red lipstick, and gorgeous eyes, Rose is also one of the best-dressed characters in Legend of Dragoon. Her outfit consists of deep purple armor with gold swirling designs and funky mis-matched length boots. She also has two violet and gold headpieces that accentuate the look, giving the appearance of horns.

In her Dragoon form, Rose's armor covers all but her face, and is the same deep purple, with fiery yellow wings that allow her to float in the air. Her addition in this form is appropriately devastating, should the player happen to initiate it.

Story-wise, Rose is the oldest character, posessing a choker that brings the aging process to a halt. She rescues the main character, Dart, at the beginning of the game, and is very surly and snappish at first. Gradually she softens, but not much.

Rose's attitude is very aloof, for reasons the player will eventually find out. She is a foil of sorts to the insipid female main character, Shana, a girl who constantly proclaims 'I can fight too!' but is constantly getting into trouble, kidnapped, and used for other dark purposes. Rose snaps at Shana a few times, to the relief of the player.

Ultimately, Rose is essential to the gameplay of Legend of Dragoon. From her badass fighting abilities to her attitude, she makes Legend of Dragoon a great game to play and deserves a tribute!