Haunting Ground

by Wencke Schuncken

<img src="http://www.gamergirlsunite.com/images/gamergirlstribute/hauntingground.jpg" align=left>
A tribute to Fiona Belli as Gamer Girl as she’s starring in Capcom’s Playstation 2 game ”Haunting Ground”. Fiona is a 18 year old girl and one day she wakes up in a huge castle, locked inside a cage but she’s smart enough to rescue herself but hasn’t got a clue how she got there in the first place. Therefore she starts to investigate her environment and exploring the castle. Unfortunate she finds out that her parents are killed in a terrible car crash and Fiona was the only survivor of that crash. She’s been taken to the castle while she still was unconscious.

While Fiona is searching for more clues in the castle she’s being harassed by an ugly creature, a stalker, a mean man called Delibitas. Fiona doesn’t want to do anything with him and tries to hide everywhere she can for that horrible man. No Fiona doesn’t have any weapons to protect her, she needs to find good hiding spots to avoid a possible contact with Delibitas. Although Fiona is a smart girl, who even has attended an university, she isn’t strong and like already stated has no weapons. Her worst habit tough is to panic whenever she meets Delibitas. Whenever she’s in panic her view changes and cannot see clearly which causes her to stumble and hitting walls. Yes, she’s loosing control over herself.

Fiona gets help from a gorgeous albino shepherd dog called Hewie who is also trapped in the castle and is rescued by her. Fiona trains the dog by using simple commands and he follows her everywhere. Hewie also attacks the mean looking man which is of course one of his main jobs as he defends Fiona at the same time.

Fiona is another female leading character and the combination with Hewie is marvelous and very appealing to female gamers. If you’re font of scary survival horror games, make sure to check out the game Hauting Ground and take control over Fiona.