Wu the Lotus Blossom

Jade Empire

by Wencke Schuncken

Wu the Lotus Blossom

Everybody who owns an Xbox should have the Xbox-exclusive game "Jade Empire". It's a martial arts-themed role-playing game, which combines Hong Kong-style action with the depth and open-endedness characteristic style. Players can assume the role of a female martial artist who gradually realizes her true potential, as well as her ancient heritage. In the ancient, mysterious world of the Jade Empire, you train under your master’s watchful eye and learn powerful martial arts and gain mystical powers.

You’ll get the opportunity to choose between 3 female characters (besides 3 other male characters) to master Jade Empire. Choose Radiant Jen Zi, Scholar Ling or Wu the Lotus Blossom, and Wu is the one we're focussing on in February's Gamer Girl of the Month!

While you control Wu the Lotus Blossom, experience the perfect balance between power and grace, strength and agility. She represents a balanced and sensible approach to combat and is fast and powerful. Probably any situation in the battlefield can be handled with Wu as she's capable of fast adapting to any circumstances. She can defend and attack equally well, and she effortlessly switches between deadly weapon attacks and devastating magical strikes that keep her opponents constantly off balance.

Her starting style is similarly balanced and well suited to the unpredictable nature of combat, offering an excellent mix of attacks, chi- based abilities, and defensive moves. Her abilities are focused in such a way that she is rarely caught off guard. In the game you can also customize Wu even more by adding earned points to the three basic attributes; Body, Spirit and mind. These attributes directly affect Wu's health, Chi, and Focus stats and also have an affect on the conversations she'll have with others game characters. More information will be revealed the closer we get to release date which is planned for spring 2005.

Conclusion: Wu the Lotus Blossom is one special and strong woman with lots of different talents and female gamers shall not regret their character choice in game, IF they have chosen to play with Wu...