Devil May Cry 3

by Wencke Schuncken


Several thousand years have passed since the Demon Warrior Sparda used his legendary sword for the good of humans and sealed away the demon world...
Dante, with blood from the Demon hero Sparda and a human mother, is trying to set up shop in a small corner of town, only to find a gigantic tower rise up out of the earth practically next door. Standing on the very top of that tower, lit by the faint light of the moon, is his older twin brother Vergil. Mysteriously, Vergil had seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth years ago...Surrounding Vergil are countless fierce demons! Although both Dante and Vergil share the same blood of Sparda, they have completely different goals. And so Dante heads off towards the tower, to settle things once and for all with Vergil. Meanwhile, the devil hunter Lady comes into play who is also making her way towards this mysterious tower, with a score of her own to settle.

Despite her pretty face and being a full human, Lady is a professional demon hunter and possesses a gun called Kalina Ann. She detests demons and it’s her life’s mission to destroy every single one of them, including Dante who is half human half demon. She follows him to the tower where she gets caught up in the events surrounding Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening.

The most significant about Lady is the difference in eye color, one is blue and the other is purple. Combined with the black hair, she looks gorgeous. The best and most beautiful female character ever seen. Lady is the most nimble boss you'll face in the game, and she focuses mainly range attacks. Aside from constantly running away from Dante, she does have a number of moves and will fight Dante eventually.