Faith Conners

Mirror's Edge

by Wencke Schuncken

Lara Croft, watch out! Another female leading character has entered the virtual stage: Faith Conners. Here's a tribute to her for her protagonist performance in Mirror's Edge, a revolutionary new take on First Person Action Adventure.

Mirror's edge is about Faith who's trying to clear her name by getting information about Project Icarus. Well, not exactly her name, but the family name as her sister, Kate, has been accused of assassinating the city's mayor candidate Robert Pope. To gain this information Faith makes way through urban areas of a futuristic metropolis with very tight security. Running, jumping, sliding, rolling and climbing, without a doubt utilizing each movement and some cunning intellect to escape from the armed forces that control the law.

Tough and self-reliant, Faith grew up watching her parents take part in protest marches and political campaigns to stop the city's gradual shift to oppressive control. The death of her mother in a protest-turned-riot broke the family apart. Faith ran away from home at age 16, deciding "the cause" was just another lie.

While the city's "progress" marched forward unimpeded, Faith honed her instincts for survival on the streets as a petty thief before meeting Mercury and becoming one of his Runners. Runner's job is to deliver messages from one resistance cell to another. Compare it with the mailman in the future, as all messages via the electronic way constantly are being observed and therefore no option to use for an organized resistance group that fights against domineering surveillance.

Now 24, Faith relishes her independence and despises everything the city represents, even though her comprehensive knowledge of its secrets earns her a decent--if perilous--living.

Who told you that running away from a problem is the best solution? According to Faith, the answer is to run as fast and as far as possible across, around, and over whatever obstacles stand in your way.