Dixie Kong

Donkey Kong series

by Emma Roberts

She may be a monkey, but she is still one feisty female who more than deserves a mention. The name Dixie Kong will ring a sweet-sounding Rare bell for all you retro gamers, as she starred in two huge SNES adventures; Donkey Kong country two and three.

Now she may look a bit innocent, dressed in pink and with her long flowing banana like hair but Dixie was a monkey not to be messed with. Her blonde locks doubled up as a helicopter propeller allowing her to drift through the air with ease. She also had some serious Kong-fu moves, which would get her and her male counterpart Diddy out of some tricky situations.

I know what you’re thinking, “If she was so cool, where has she been for the past decade?!” Well, after the great success of the Donkey Kong series on the SNES, Dixie had gathered quite a fan base. Fans were eager to see her appear on the 3D Donkey Kong 64 on the Nintendo 64 but were slightly disappointed when they realised she had shrunk to a miniscule size. They were even more disappointed to discover that the small female ape that greeted them on the Donkey Kong 64 character select screen was not even Dixie; it was a new female Kong called Tiny. Dixie had been dumped.

It was soon apparent that Tiny was somewhat of a “Mini-me” clone of the once glorious and glamorous Dixie. Tiny used her hair (blonde and banana like) to float through the air and it soon hit Dixie fans in the face that she had been replaced. But the question was, would Dixie ever come back?

Nintendo and Donkey Kong 64 developers Rare fell out pretty soon after Donkey Kong 64 was made, which meant Rare jumped from Nintendo’s ship to the Microsoft deluxe cruise-liner. The future was bleak for Dixie to ever return to a Nintendo platform and she was not used until 2004, when Donkey Kong Country two was finally remade on the Game Boy Advance.

Since then, Dixie has been offered measly cameo appearances in some recent games. She showed off her musical talents in Donkey Konga Two on the Gamecube and even tried her hand at baseball on Mario SuperStar baseball. Hope was sparked for Dixie fans when it was rumoured that she was going to be a playable Brawler in Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii, but the energetic ape never appeared.

So it seems that Dixie’s glory days of being a brave, funny and feisty heroine are over. It’s a real shame, as she was a strong female character who had to rescue Diddy from the clutches of the Kremlins. Dixie fans are hoping for her return but only time will tell if we’ll see Dixie swinging onto our screens anytime soon.