Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 60/100

Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward Review
Developed By: Gameinvest
Published by: Oxygen Interactive
Format Reviewed: PC
Reviewed By: Wencke Schuncken

Some of us already knew at a young age what they wanted to do when they were mature, but most didn’t have a clue or still haven’t got any at all what to do with their lives. Thanks to the wonderful world of games, it’s quite easy to check out some jobs even when they aren’t that realistic. Hysteria Hospital is one of those games to check out what a nurse’s job is all about.

Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward is a time management game, where the main character needs to achieve a certain goal in time. In this case, the nurse needs to heal the patients and make them happy in a short period of time otherwise they’ll make sure to see another hospital to seek for help and health. The main character starts her career as a nurse in a small and local hospital in Maryland, which needs to expand bit by bit with all kinds of required hospital related objects such as beds, X-ray scanners, operation rooms, etc. Patients dropping by will take place in the waiting room until you pick them up with your mouse (Clicking and dragging) and put them at a counter where their medial prognoses / treatment is revealed by the doctor (diagnosed). Above each patient’s head you can see their needs in balloons and it’s your job to take care of these. And time is ticking …

Let’s give an example on how a treatment of a granny in a hospital looks like; She walks into the building with 3 hearts above her head which indicates that she’s not healthy and needs 2 more hearts to become fully healed. Pick her up and drag her to the doctor. When she’s diagnosed, a prescription is written by another nurse and will be put on a desk and a cartoon balloon above granny’s head shows that she urgently needs an operation. Pick up granny and move her to a non occupied operations room. The surgeon doesn’t start until you bring him the prescription. When the surgeon is done, pick up the granny and bring her to an empty, clean bed where she can rest. If needed, granny will notify you in her cartoon balloon above her head that pills are required. These can also be found at the desk, so pick them up and deliver them to granny. When she’s declared healthy she’ll get up, pays the bill and walks out of the hospital smiling. All you need to do then is clean the bed and throw away the dirty sheets in the bin. Next patient please.

The gameplay itself is quite easy to understand, but note that you cannot take care of other patients when one stationary (Surgeon, X-Ray Machine, Dentist, etc) is occupied and other patients also require that particular treatment. You need to wait until the patient in that stationary has been recovered. The waiting room is full before you know it, or patients are walking away. If you cannot cope with all of the patients, or you don’t have the right equipment installed in your hospital, you can always put them in an ambulance to bring them to another hospital. To keep patients happy and calm (without losing too many hearts / health), you can buy and install a TV screen, a water machine and a snack machine in the waiting room, nicely with some decorating plants if you have the money to invest. More important is the installation of all the required equipment in the hospital to tread the patients, and they aren’t cheap! And of course they break down from time to time, and then it’s priority one to fix them by getting a screwdriver at the desk and fix it ASAP!

Hysteria Hospital contains 7 different wards to run, from a local Maryville clinic through to New York Central Hospital. The advanced hospitals have multiple floors to cope with. Normally you would see the patient, click and drag him/her to the required destination and ready, but with multiple floor, you need to drag the patient into the elevator after the diagnoses, scroll with your mouse upwards, pick up the patient again and then drag to the destination. Yes, it’s extra work and time consuming. Therefore it is very important to design the hospital efficiently by putting the most required equipment near the waiting room.

A level can be achieved by treating enough patients and earning enough money of the treated, healthy patients. If you didn’t succeed on one of them … too bad you need to try again as both goals need to be achieved before you can move on. After a shift, expenses (energy, maintenance, salaries, pharmacy) need to be paid which gives you the sum of funds left. These can be used to order new equipment to treat the patients even faster in the next levels, or to fulfill their demands.

Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward should come with a warning as it truly can cause hysteria with the player, and makes your heartbeat go up while trying to manage this time / patient driven game. It’s fun but also causes frustration at the same time. There are lots of humorous designed machines and characters, but you don’t have the time to watch how a machine truly works or the visual impact as you need to move on, otherwise you’ll not make progress and neither will your patients. This review is based on the PC version but it’s also available on the Wii and the Nintendo DS.

You need to excuse me … my shift is over … take care and don’t forget to pay the medical bills!