2010 videogame previews part 3

by Wencke Schuncken

As you know we have a wish list of 40 games which should be released this year. In this 2010 videogame preview III, we´ll check out Disney Mickey Epic (which is the only Wii exclusive title in our list), Fable 3 (if this sin+t another pre pre pre marketing trick with a rela release in 2012), Final Fantasy XIII (finally), God of War III, and Gran Turismo 5 (which should have been released ages ago!).

Disney Mickey Epic
Finally a Wii exclusive game in this list; an action-platforming game with Mickey Mouse. He’s pulled into a warped Disney universe by an evil villain, mickey finds himself in a world inhabited by the retired and forgotten cartoon characters. Mickey must use the very elements of himself and the world, paint and paint thinner, to explore his new world, find the source of evil that is destroying the land, and redeem is fellow cartoon characters. Players can choose their own path to defeat supreme evil, face the consequences of those decisions and ultimately free the Cartoon Wasteland. If you want to play an evil Mickey, the game is out this Fall.

Fable 3
For real? Can the developers catch their deadline for once and release Fable 3 on Xbox360 by the end of this year? It certainly is one of the most appreciated action role-playing game for Xbox360 and we would be pleased to set foot in the continent of Albion, roughly 50 years after the events of Fable I. The player's character, known as a "Hero," is forced into a quest to become a revolutionary leader to defeat the king after an "injustice" happens to their parent, believed to be at the hands of the tyrant. Over the course of the first half of the game, the Hero will overthrow the tyrant and become ruler of Albion themselves. During the second half of the game, a foreign nation will threaten Albion and the player has to decide how to react to it. Fingers crossed for a December release!

Final Fantasy XIII
Some 1,300 years ago, when a disaster destroyed Oerba Village and wiped out its residents, a character named Orphan constructed a paradise for the rest of humanity: the shell-like city of Cocoon, which floats high above the surface of Pulse. From there, Orphan created life forms and machines for its inhabitants to use, and humanity flourished. Over time, the people of Cocoon began to fear for the safety of their world, and they worried that it would be cast down from the sky into the hell that they saw Pulse to be.
Although most Cocoon citizens have never seen Pulse with their own eyes, they were told it was a dangerous place with strange effects on those who venture down to its surface. Anyone who is discovered to have visited Pulse is immediately subject to quarantine and exile by the theocratic government of Cocoon, known as the Sanctum. However, as Snow leads Team Nora in a vain attempt to stop the purging of civilians, the mysterious Lightning fights her way past soldiers with the aid of Sazh to find a Pulse fal'Cie (mechanical beings of godlike power created from crystals residing inside them), Anima, who turned her sister, also Snow's lover, into a l'Cie. Through a chain of events, these three, along with two exiles, Vanille and Hope, are chosen by the fal'Cie of Pulse against their will to become l'Cie, and with that become enemies of humanity who are tasked with the Focus of bringing about the downfall of Orphan and Cocoon. We cannot wait, and don’w have to wait that long to step into this role-playing game as it’s going to be released in March on PS3 and Xbox360.

God of War III
God of War III is a forthcoming installment in the God of War series. It’s expected to feature gameplay similar to that of previous installments. Only three weapons have been confirmed so far: his bow, the trademark Blades of Athena, and the Cestus, a pair of fist gauntlets shaped like lion heads. God of War III takes place moments after the events of God of War II, with Kratos on Gaia's back eager to destroy Olympus. The whereabouts of the Blade of Olympus is unknown, even though Kratos had been wielding the blade at the end of God of War II. Little information has been released on the battle between the Gods and Titans, but it is suggested that will illustrate the end of Greek Mythology. Hopefully we can find it out in March when it is going to be released on PS3.

Gran Turismo 5
The racing simulation game we all want, but have to wait for till March: Gran Turismo 5! It’s the fifth edition of the highly acclaimed Gran Turismo racing video game series and for the first time, an online mode will be available in the game, with 16 player capability. Both mechanical and external damage have been confirmed. It is set to feature around 1000 cars and over 20 total track locations, with variations bringing the number of unique circuits to 70. Can’t wait to step on the virtual accelerator on the PS3 in March! Please no more delays, the development already took soooo long!

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