Wii Fit U

by Wencke Schuncken
author awarded score: 80/100

Wii Fit U Review
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Format Reviewed: Nintendo Wii U
Reviewed by: Wencke Schuncken

Raise your fitness and energy to a higher level with the Wii Fit U. Not only possible in house, but also outside thanks to the Wii Fit Meter (sold separately, but included in this review!). Yes it’s time to move (again), just in time before the holiday season!

Welcome back, or welcome enhanced déjà-vu. As a vivid fan of experiencing all kinds of sports and activities, Wii Fit is always a perfect “game” to burn some extra calories while having fun, building muscle strength and even experiencing new things such as yoga poses. If you’ve played Wii Fit before, the old data can be transferred to check if progress has been made BMI wise since the last time you’ve played it. Probably it will state that you gain weight, but that is just a way of motivation to make more use of the Wii Fit U. At least that’s my interpretation, denying that I’ve gain some weight.

To use Wii Fit U to the max, check if you have a Wii Balance Board, a minimum of two Wii Remotes with Motion Plus, nunchuck and preferable the Wii Fit Meter. So the first activity is to check where you hide all that hardware and synchronize it with the Wii U. As soon as everything is set to go, you’ll notice that the game contains new functions and trainings modes designed to use with the Wii U Gamepad. Like in most Wii U games, the display can be switched from TV to the gamepad and do the bodytest and some training without using the TV.

Wii Fit U uses physical and mental agility tests from the start including new tests using the Wii U Gamepad to get a better idea of your overall fitness. A bodytest can become a daily activity to see if you’re making progress, for example in lowering the Wii Fit age, or even more important your BMI, if it’s too high. Set a goal and see the progress visualized in graphics, checking if you’re sticking to the plan. It’s also possible to keep track by taking a picture of your face each day, and seeing changes in your “face slideshow”. The bodytest is actually a test which proves that working out is always good for your body and mind, so start working out!

The exercises / workouts are divided in 5 categories: yoga, muscle, aerobic, dance, and balance games. Most of them are imported from previous Wii Fit editions, with some new twists, visualization and exercises. For example with yoga, you can use the Gamepad as a mirror, seeing yourself in action in a split screen with the trainer. Although I’m having difficulties focusing on my posture, strength and flexibility, it’s not possible for me to focus on the mirror as well, or I would fall down with laughter. New is also “Aerobic puzzle squash”. The gameplay is comparable to a squashing tennis lane, and every time you hit a ball against a panel of blocks, depending how they match by colors, points are gathered. Of course to spice things up, there is a time limit and a ball limit of 3. Once one of them is over, the game has ended. Great work out as you have to walk on the balance board to a point on the lane in order to hit the ball by swinging your arm. Walk, hit, walk, hit, walk, hit, walk, hit, sweat! Another new feature to burn calories is “Aerobic Orienteering”. Help burn calories while jogging your memory; Find the Mii characters based on their photos as visualized on the gamepad by walking or running (this time not on a balance board). If it’s difficult to find a character, check out the map or talk to another Mii to help you into the right position.

Wii Fit Routines are set exercises / activities with specific goals and are divided in the categories Lifestyle, Health, Youth, Form, and Vitality or combine your own personal training sets by choosing from the given aims. In total there are 15 aims you can choose of. Also choose one of the three activity levels. For example the category Health contains Tummy, Overindulged and Leaner Mii. Each subcategory contains multiple activities to train that specific goal. Let’s take Tummy for example, which should help burn fat and work towards your ideal waist. Once selected, three activities are selected which can be done automatically after another or pick one out to start with. In this selection the jackknife, the single leg twist and a fun mini-game called snowball effect needs to be done to clear this Fit Routine. It’s always a nice balance of effective and fun exercises.

For those who are interested how the calorieburn are calculated, Wii Fit U uses METs. METs show the intensity of an activity. 1 MET equals the energy spent sitting still. If you know the MET value of an activity, say the jackknife, you can work out the calories burned.
METs x your weight x time (hours) x 1.05 = calories burned

Together strong! Join a Wii Fit U Gym Community to share details of training and calories burned. What I particular like is to see several other Mii from all over the world doing exercises at the same time. Some are dancing, doing a yoga stand, or walking on the spot. Check out the Gender Overview, which is remarkable to see that the slimmer’gym contains 76% male participants at this moment. It also shows the type ratio of activities. currently, balance games are on top, followed by yoga. Click on a Mii to get more information about the gamer, what they’re playing, and training history to compare your scores with the other player. If you want to start your own community, create one and share the Gym community ID number with just family and friends, or post it online to let any player join your community.

The Fit Meter. It’s small weighs hardly nothing. It’s main function is to count steps and calculates it to (kilo)meters and height differences. Transfer the collected data to the Gamepad and view detailed information for each day. Data can be locked to save it, and you can write a comment to it. Check out how many steps you took, how many calories were burned, and if the activity was measured while running, ascending, descending, walking, light activity or resting. Besides the data there’s also a Fit Meter Challenge to complete walking or climbing courses from all around the globe. Walk every day and you’ll conquer well-known courses in no time. New York 21 km is my first walking challenge and it’s fun to see progress but also other members of the Gym community who are doing the 21 mile. And always remember: A little effort a day goes a long way!

Most activities can unlock an advanced mode, to trigger you, your muscles and physical condition even more. The main categories contain more than seventy activities inlcluding nineteen new activities. The main categories are yoga, muscle, aerobic, dance (Hawaiian hula, dance to do a relax dance work out, swing at some jazzy tunes, straighten your hips on Hip Hop beats, or check out that Spanish Flamenco. No need to get a flamenco dress, but with all dance games, two Motion Plus remotes are required. A new balance game is the Hose Down. Test your judgment as you take aim with the Gamepad and step down the Balance Board to spray water on Mii opponents running towards you. Another new but tough on your abs balance game is the Core Luge. Hop on the sled by sitting on the Balance Board, swing your arms to gain speed and slide at super speeds through the curves. And you probably guessed it, steering must be done with your core and lay back for even more speed and challenge for those abs! One of the best, fun, and effective new workouts!

When an exercise / game is finished, Wii Fit U proposes two other exercises to participate, or you can retry the one just finished. Very motivating as your brain may be triggered to do another one. Keep an eye on your body, muscles and if they’re ready for another round of exercising. There’s no need to overdo it, and there surely isn’t fun when you have an injury and can’t play no more for a week or two or longer.

Wii Fit U turns out to be a test if you have all required hardware to play it, and it will test your energy level, muscles strength, flexibility and even some brain training is included. Enjoy dancing and participate in a group to motivate each other (with new high scores or beating them on the Fit Meter Challenge). The Wii Fit Meter is a smart little device which keeps track of your steps without noticing that you even have it on you. It’s a great little piece of hardware and a great addition to the indoor usage of the Wii Fit U.

Now please excuse this reviewer as she now has to do her Wii Fit Routine for today; connecting the data from the Wii Fit Meter to the Game Pad, checking the Wii Fit Meter Challenge, do the daily body test, take another silly picture of my face, check out my Wii Fit age and start thinking of what to do as there are too many options! First some stretching with Yoga, or first some fun in the Balance Game. You know what, let’s get ready for the weekend and practice some dancemodes first. Whatever your plans are, maybe it’s time to download the full game for free, available until January 31.2014. Once played for the first time, it’s valid for one month to get hooked on burning calories again in a very enjoyable way. Once you buy the Wii Fit Meter, which I suggest, the game will be unlocked without an expiring date. And that should also count for your motivation!