Star Wars themed bingo games for a fun night in

by News Reporter

Star Wars themed bingo games for a fun night in

If you’re having friends over for a Star Wars appreciation night, then it’s good to have some games in mind to match the theme of the night. It goes without saying that you can ask everyone to come dressed as their favourite character, so you shouldn’t really need to bother with decorations. However, if you want to do that too, there are heaps of Star Wars themed party accessories that are available online.

A game that always goes down well in any party situation is bingo and it’s really easy to set up some Star Wars themed bingo too. Ok, playing it isn’t potentially as financially rewarding as some of the bingo games online can be at sites like Winner or Gala, but it can be just as much fun to play.

Each of the following three Star Wars bingo games is easy to set up and playing a game like this is a great ice-breaker if you happen to have invited people who don’t know each other all that well. What can unite them is their love of Star Wars and anything to do with it.

Star Wars Lucky Dip
The aim of this game is to achieve a bingo pattern. Gather together all the small pieces of Star Wars merchandised stuff that you have. Things like keyrings, action figures and anything else small but that can easily be associated with one Star Wars character are ideal. Put them in a sack or bag. Print out playing cards from a site such as Bingo Card Creator – changing the numbers for Star Wars characters.
The rules of the game are simple. Get players to draw a character out of the sack one at a time, and if you have that character on your card, dab it. Covering up with sweets like M&Ms instead of dabbing will mean that you can re-use the cards another time. Players will compete to finish a chosen pattern and the first player to complete a pattern wins.

Star Wars Knowledge Bingo
This is a combination of bingo and charades. Print out your bingo cards, using Star Wars characters instead of numbers. Write down the chosen character names on small squares of paper. Choose a bingo pattern that players have to complete.
Take turns to choose a random paper and then act out a scene that involves that character. Whoever guesses the character correctly gets to dab their bingo card – and the first to complete the chosen bingo pattern wins.
Star Wars Achievement Bingo

This game combines playing any Star Wars video game that includes in-game achievements with the game of bingo. Again you’ll need to print out some bingo cards, using Star War characters instead of numbers. Then play any appropriate Star Wars video game. Each time a player gets an in-game achievement, you can dab the matching achievement on the bingo card.
These are just three variations of Star Wars themed bingo - try one of them out and see how much fun it can be to play the simple game of bingo with a Star Wars twist.