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Maiky at the Gamescom
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Maiky NiSuTe
Sun Aug 23 2009, 11:06pm

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Gamescom: Sega wins award

Sega just won a prize for their game Mario &amp; Sonic at the olympic wintergames; Best of family entertainment. NiSuTe Europe would like to congratulate Sega on this achievement! Image: The game is the follow up of the 2 year old prequel. The concept remained the same, the games are of course new. It's possible to bobsled with your wii balance board and do more official olympic games. Image: There are also unique original games included called Dream games, which include snowball fights, snowboarding in mario kart style and much much more. There is also a DS version of the game which do has an improvement. Sega stated: "The multiplayer mode is barely used in the prequel, so we didn't want to keep the concept the same this time. We kept the multiplayer but improved the singleplayer with a story mode" Image:


Monster Hunter Tri at Gamescom

Image: Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii looks great. The main differences from the previous Monster Hhunter titles include: proper online play, a much bigger environment, a larger potential to improve your character, the central hub is much larger, Capcom is using its own online system (no Wii friend codes), a singleplayer storymode, and it now includes underwater sections. Underwater you have equal freedom of movement: attacks are as quick as they are on land, movement forward and back is just as quick, and breath meter is so large that it would literally take a half hour for it to run out. The only difference is that the player can move in all directions, so in the end it´s actually adding an extra dimension of movement for the character. Downside is, because of the large environment, there are a lot of loading screens between sections, and the levels are split into quite a lot of sections (each “room” is about one section in itself) Though the loading time only takes roughly four to five seconds, just the breaking up of the environment makes it feel much less continuous and breaks the believability of the world For multiplayer, it will be possible to carry your character on your Wii remote to a friend’s house. This is a feature we´ve heard about on multiple occasions in the past, but hardly ever seen executed. Either way, it´s definitely much more practical than carrying around an SD card with you. There will be two player split-screen play offline, as well as online multiplayer. We asked about online four-player (two on each console) and they said it was highly doubtful, but did not know for certain. Image: Despite being on the Wii, the game looks beautiful, and, though it is possible to play using the Wii remote and nunchuck, we saw even the Capcom representative demonstrating the game preferred using a the retro controller pro, as it is closer to playing on the PSP (which most Monster Hunter fans will definitely appreciate). We don’t yet know whether or not the Gamecube controllers can be used with Monster Hunter Tri. And, of course, just a little fun fact from the developers: The monsters Rathion and Rathalos will be making their usual appearance in this installment, as they have been in every monster hunter to date. Funnily enough, the character Rathalos was named after the head producer´s daughter. Image:


Engine Software: Mega Mindy

DS Those of you from the Netherlands and Belgium should know this title, apparently. I myself was unfamiliar with it as it has only aired in those areas of the world, and never shown in the U.S. where I had spent my childhood. Even so, the game itself looks very nice, and despite being unfamiliar with the franchise, it’s still a game anybody could pick up and understand. Mega Mindy is a teenage spy in the cartoon, and as such the game is about going on small missions and collecting things and taking out baddies. This is all done in a highly family friendly way, however, as the target audience for the game is roughly four and five-year-olds. The controls are quite simple, and all done on the touch-screen: when the player gets close enough to make a jump from one area to another, an arc is drawn from their current position to the destination, and the player just needs to tap the destination and watch Mindy take care of the rest. The player does a similar gesture to use a grappling hook, and if the player wants to collect items on screen, they press a small button located at the bottom left of the screen, and they drag the stylus across the items to collect them. It’s a pretty simple control system, but it seems to work well, and is more than self-explanatory for the target audience. Engine Software realized that, because of the age of the target audience, presenting them with a tutorial full of explanatory text which the children wouldn’t have any patience to read was not going to work, so they instead created a video tutorial in which a virtual stylus is shown on screen demonstrating all the gestures which must be made for actions such as jumping and item collection. Engine Software soon realized that after including the video tutorial to the game, when they tested with their target audience, the children picked up the controls faster, and were much better when playing the actual game. Engine Software said that they are so happy with the outcome of their video tutorials that they plan to always use them in the future in place of text based tutorials. Finally, a little tidbit for the developer in all of us: There is a point in the game where the player must use the stylus to pull down a door handle to open a door which they must the progress through. There was a problem, however: the children pushed the handle down, and once the door was open, they kept pushing the handle down and down and down; they couldn’t comprehend that they needed to move through the newly opened door, because the object they had previously interacted with was still available to them. In the final build of the game, Engine Software made it so that once doors were opened, the handles would break off so that the player clearly understands that they are finished with the door and must move on. Gotta love it.


Gamescom: Armin van Buuren involved in upcoming DJ-game

Foreign Media Games, a Dutch publisher, were so kind to give us a presentation of the alpha version of an upcoming game called "In the Mix". World's Best DJ Armin van Buuren incorporated with the publisher to create this. Business Development Manager Vincent van Diemen explained where the idea came from: "Real DJ's sometimes use wiimotes during their shows to make their shows even better". Another game at the gamescom DJ-hero is of course a big concurrent for In the mix: "we know we have a big concurrent, but Dj-hero is more of a party game where you can improve yourself in. We don't want to call In the mix this way, but it is a kind of "simulator". It's a pretty realistic environment where you actually have to please the audience by mixing, sampling and posing" The game has a big career mode in which players can start from scratch and work their way up to the top. Real festivals where DJ's perform were asked if they would participate in this game as part of the adventure. Surprisingly, a lot of these organisations rejected the offer. "of course it's a problem of ego, the big party's don't want to come in the beginning of the game, because they would look smaller then they actually are, or they want to choose their own spot. It makes it hard to work together. At this point, 20 existing locations approved though". The career mode has 7 hours of music. "A lot of songs have 12 minutes of length. We want to prevent too long songs and decided to make each song 3 minutes." The mode will have 30 gigs and 2 songs (or more) pet gig. In the game, your manager will book the gig, and the DJ decides which music he plays. "sometimes there are a lot more older women, or younger kids in a venue. You will actually have to choose your songs to optimalize the environment. It sounds harder then it seems, don't worry, you will be helped in the game". As the title says, a lot of music is made bij world greatest DJ Armin van Buuren. "We talked to a lot of DJ´s without immediatly take a desicion, but it was pretty clear that we would work together with Armin." Foreign Media Games also works together with Pioneer. "you can collect money after each gig to buy new equipment. We use actual pioneer equipment in the game". The new equipment is really functional since you can equalise much better with better headphones. the crowd will also get more excited by better sound, speakers and light. The interaction with the audience can also be improved by taking poses. The nunchuk and the wiimote can be used to clap, beat or make cool poses. If you do it at the right time, you will build up the excitement and you will get more points. The game also has a tutorial mode for starters. A party mode is also available where you can actually sit down on the couch and have fun with your friends. Van Diemen: "It's not multiplayer. it's really hard to make multiplayer for these kind of games, but we are still trying to make it." A studio mode is also available, where you can make, mix and save your own songs. We were really curious if the Wii Motion Plus will be used in the game. "We have it in mind to use, but it's not priority. If we can add that quick, and if it's actually useful, we might consider it" Development for In the Mix started in the start of 2009 and is planned for release in March 2009. The game will be €50.


Reporting from Gamescom: Exkee

Image: One of the smaller booths at the business area was Exkee, a small French company who recently released WiiWare. Romain Steichemberger (Production &amp; Technical Director) states: "Colorz (As the game is called) is a great multiplayer game, where up to three people will have to work together to get rid of all the germs." For a mere 700 points, the game is downloadable from the wii shopping channel. In a ( recent column I explained the developers kit for wiiware. Exkee actually uses this kit (also for a new game) but wants to do more then just wiiware. STeichemberger: "We want to do more in the future, we'll probably have a multi-platform game released later". Image: The co-op mode in Colorz is a real challenge, as you can only eat the germs of your own colour (Red, Green or Blue). In some cases, you'll even have to fuse to make some new colours, for example all three together will make white. Try it out!


Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Image: Tatsunoko vs Capcom… Capcom’s been known for taking on some pretty big franchises, such as Marvel and SNK, but <em>Tatsunoko</em>? Now, I’m not one for anime, so excuse my ignorance when I heard of this title and had no clue who Capcom's new challengers were. After some research, however, I realized that, since Tatsunoko is <em>only</em> the most influential anime producer in Japan, I should be ashamed of myself. Tatsonoko and Capcom does sound like a match made in heaven for fighting games, and seeing the brilliant control and combo systems in the game, it’s not only a great matchup, but brilliant execution. Unlike the other Capcom vs games, this one is in full-fledged 3D, and with its cell shading, it looks and feels like the previous titles, only brought into the here-and-now. Image: The game has been released a while ago in Japan, but due to licensing issues it has taken a year to make it to the West. This downtime has also led to some improvements and additions to the original release of the game, and it is very likely that it will be re-released in Japan with the cool new content. Due to the licensing problems, one character from Tatsunoko, Hakushon Daimaō, had to be removed, but five new characters have been added from the original roster of the Japanese release. Tatsunoko vs Capcom will feature online play, though we are uncertain of whether or not it will be region based. The creators speculate that this is the case, but because the Wifi is what's keeping them busy on the title for another half year, they weren't able to say with any certainty. There will be latency either way, as always, so be prepared for a slightly rough ride. One thing that’s quite disappointing about the game is the fact that the roster consists of about 20 characters, in comparison to Marvel vs Capcom 2’s 56 character roster. There are however two extremely large mechanical characters to choose from, which really pack a punch. They aren’t as fun to play as the normal-sized combo-machines like Ryu, Ken the Eagle, and Megaman, but it provides a funny contrast to the core mechanics of the game; and Lost Planet 2 fan boys (Maikel) are definitely going to love fighting in a PTX-40A (the Super VS). Image: It is meant to be played with the arcade joystick peripheral, but unfortunately they are quite hard to come by. The control on the Wii remote can be semi-random, so you’re definitely gonna want to play it with a Joystick. There are also no plans to package the game with this peripheral, so you'll have to find one on Play-Asia, ebay or Amazon. Good luck. Image:
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