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What did I do wrong?
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Sun Jan 03 2010, 10:48pm
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I was talking to a friend of mine on Facebook, when my computer started going extremely slow, and so I told her brb, and I came back a minute later, but she was gone. She has a crush on me (and I kind of like her back, but I'm also kinda recovering from a previous relationship with someone else, and I'm waiting for the right time to tell her that I like her back and/or ask her out) and has flirted with me a few times before. I don't know why she left and said "yeah..". I think she may have misinterpreted me leaving temporarily as me not wanting to talk to her (as well as me taking two minutes to reply when she said "hi", but that was because I was playing Modern Warfare 2 and didn't look at my computer monitor until that time; she also sent that three line message almost a second after I said "hi" back, implying that she didn't think I would reply). She hasn't gotten on since she logged out while I was restarting Mozilla Firefox, I did however post a message on her wall saying "back". Here is how the conversation went, what do you make of it?

Her (2:04pm)

Me (2:06pm)

Her (2:06pm)
"fine nevermind i dont wanna talk to you
okay my bad
whats up??"

Me (2:07pm)
oh nm
What was that about?"

Her (2:07pm)
im freaken up set"

Her (2:08pm)
"cuz of my freaken best friend"

Me (2:09pm)
"What did she do?"

Her (2:10pm)
"i told her that she was going to get hurt and she did"

Me (2:10pm)
"What happened to her?"

Her (2:11pm)
"he broke up with her.."

Me (2:11pm)
heyt im gonna brb my computer is extremely slow"

Her (2:11pm)

System Message (3:15pm)
"*her name* is offline."
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Mon Jan 04 2010, 07:39pm

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that you gave her the impression that the computer problem was just a lame excuse so that you didn;t have to listen to her about her best friend and her feelings about it?

That would be my interpretation ...
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