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Masters degree research study for female gamers
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Mon Feb 22 2010, 06:23pm
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I dont know if im breaking any rules by putting this up...I hope im not mis-using the forum,
I'm new to this site, but I was wondering if I could get as many female gamers opinions as possible? I'm currently taking a masters course in animation at Lincoln university, and I am researching women and video games as my main project focus,(Being a female gamer myself I am working towards being an animator for games company’s).
I have created an online questionnaire, asking about certain factors in video games which I think could influence why women do, and do not play games, and based off the results I get I will be partially basing the rest of my project of the answers I gather, Which will be designing 2 female characters which could be used in a video game, and animating them both to a story I create.
No guys opinions though please, this is purely research on women’s views about video games.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


also if you have any additional views which you would like to discuss please chat about it here:)

many thanks! J,x
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Mon Feb 22 2010, 09:35pm

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Just filled out the survey, and it's fun to see that my opinion changed over the years when it comes to female characters. First there we're hardly female characters with important roles and we were shouting out for them, and now that we do have enough female character I found out that it is important to me if I can visually customize her into a virtual e to get more involved in the game as if it is truly me who is in the game. Also it is important to see female characters in different roles, not just the leading ones, but those who can make a difference in a game. I hope that female characters can have a positive influence on younger girls, like role models. Hope it makes sence ;)
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Tue Feb 23 2010, 09:27am
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thank you for taking the time to fill it out! i appriciate your help very much. and yes i love to customise my characters to (im playing dragon age origins atm) :), yes i thikn their needs to be a wider varity of roles given to the female avatars, not just support or lead characters, but a balance:) thanks again, J, x
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