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Angels Online female characters
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Sat Oct 01 2011, 05:49pm
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Year after year the Angels Online ( MMORPG continues to offer players fun and excitement in a 2D anime-style package bursting with dazzling effects and cool features. As in any great fantasy adventure, heroes often encounter beautiful maidens and ladies along the way. Whether they seek to help you or need your help, these 5 NPCs are more than just pretty sights to see as you journey through the world of Eden.

Angel Tutor
The first female NPC players meet when they step into the Angel Lyceum is the Angel Tutor. Archangel Michael’s capable assistant is every bit as brainy as she is beautiful. Her vast knowledge in matters great and small makes her uniquely qualified to help new Angels with starter and graduation quests. With dedication second to none, she serves as a perfect role model for both Angels and Angelic leaders alike. She strikes up friendly conversations with new trainees to learn more about their progress and is never seen without her bright, confident smile.

Farm Mistress
The owner of Spike Farm, the Farm Mistress (as the neighbors call her) is both friendly and helpful. She’s always ready to lend a hand to worthy adventurers and never fails to greet them with an unforgettable smile. She’s well-to-do but yearns for a pet companion. Stop by her farmhouse with 10 pet feed and she’ll return the favor with a pleasant surprise.

Smith Rachael
Smith Rachael is descended from a family of blacksmiths famous for their deft work with hard metals. Her father had a reputation for creating the sharpest weapons that could cut almost any armor to shreds. After having taken over the family business, young Smith Rachael continues to hone her skills, providing some of the finest weapons around to those in need. She sells some of the strongest golden weapons in all of Eden. Smith Rachael is a classic example of the exotic beauty. Most adventurers she meets find her charming, especially when she’s hard at work crafting weapons to trade.

Anyone who has had a holiday getaway in Puji Village could speak volumes about Flora. Her caring expression and her warm, welcoming smile mean everything to those weary adventurers who have braved death and doom at every turn in the deadly Dungeon. This young upstart dreams of one day seeing the world, especially all the plant specimens she can only imagine. Will you bring her some of these plants and brighten her day? Her beaming smile won’t be the only reward for your generosity, but it may well be the most heart-warming one you will ever receive.

Shell Girl
Near the shoreline of the Shining Coast stands a lonely girl. Her interest in crustacean life and her love of shells earned her the nickname “Shell Girl” from the locals. Despite her stunning beauty, some have noticed sadness in her eyes. It seems that she is unable to find the proper shell for her necklace. Though none of the shells along the beach are fine enough, still she searches the sands hoping to find the perfect pendant. Adventurers may find such a shell from the crabs in the sea. Presenting this pristine trinket to her will return the light to her face.

These beautiful NPCs are just a few of the many visual treats in the world of Eden. Check out the official site at website for more on the amazing characters and quests that await players in Angels Online. Visit website to learn more about IGG’s growing family of games.
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