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First-Ever NeuroGaming Conference and Expo
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Wed Feb 27 2013, 08:32pm
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The Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO), a leading neuroscience trade association, today formally announce the NeuroGaming Conference and Expo, to be held in San Francisco on May 1-2, 2013. The first of its kind, the NeuroGaming Conference will explore the convergence of mind and body with game play; using the latest emotional, cognitive, sensory and behavioral technologies to create radically compelling experiences.

The two-day event will bring together nearly 50 speakers across twelve panels to share best practices, showcase new products and ideas, inspire each other, and build new networks to help accelerate this rapidly emerging gaming sector. Neurogaming is poised to shake up several areas of gaming, opening up opportunities and changing the way players engage. Registration is now open at website.

“We’ve worked to pull together the best minds in a variety of areas such as neurotechnology, game design and sensory exploration into one place to focus on this emerging and dynamic new area of the industry,” said Zack Lynch, conference chair, author and neurotech visionary. “There are so many exciting things going on in the area of neurogaming, and I can’t wait to ‘pull back the curtain’ and invite the industry at large into the conversation.”

The NeuroGaming Conference and Expo will showcase top experts, leading companies, and new technology for engaging and entertaining - including:
· Stanley Yang, CEO and Founder, Neurosky on brain driven gaming
· Jim Hedges, Lead Composer, Zynga on expanding games with sounds & scents
· Palmer Luckey, Founder, OculusVR on augmented and virtual reality play
· Brian Murphy, Game Design Lead, Microsoft Game Studios on full motion control
· Nicole Lazzaro, President, XEODesign on multi-sensory game design
· Mike Ambinder, Valve on emotional gaming platforms
· Ali Israr, Immersive Gaming Lead, Disney Research on haptic feedback in games
· Joe Hardy, VP Research and Development, Lumos Labs on cognitive games
· Chris Petrovic, former GM Digital Ventures, GameStop on investing in neurogaming
· Andrew Falkner, CoFounder, Personal Neuro Devices on therapeutic neurogaming

Neurogaming companies are integrating new inputs like player heart rate, brain waves, pupil dilation, hand and body gestures, and changing emotional state to drive rich game play. Neurogame developers use increasingly sophisticated sensory, emotional, cognitive and behavioral technologies to create deeply adaptive and radically compelling gaming experiences. Neurogaming is ideally suited to take advantage of output technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and haptic sensation systems to make entirely new gaming experiences possible. Many of these companies will also be on display at the expo area of the conference.

"The game industry is driving the neurogaming revolution and its impact will be enormous," continued Lynch. "In addition to creating new avenues of growth in gaming, the industry will also create positive spin-off effects in other economic sectors such as healthcare, education, and national defense. There is real science and the best technology ever produced behind these new capabilities that tie one’s nervous system directly into games, and this is the place to see it all."

Co-hosted by NeuroInsights, the neurotech market authority; the NeuroGaming Conference will take place on May 1-2 at the YetiZen Game Innovation Lab, located at 540 Howard Street, San Francisco. For more about the conference please visit website.
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