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Zoo Park: Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary
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Sat Apr 27 2013, 10:54am
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Excalibur Publishing is a British company that has been publishing high-quality niche interest games for over a decade and has grown steadily, becoming a regular supplier to the UK’s best-known game retailers. As part of the company’s growth, Excalibur Publishing has commissioned its first ever self-developed, self-funded title: Zoo Park: Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary.

At first glance, this might appear to be the same as a number of zoo management titles where making money is always the ultimate goal, but there’s one crucial difference. Zoo Park cares as much about the rehabilitation of endangered animals as it does about building a thriving commercial business. Rehabilitation and research are core challenges within the game and there are large rewards for rescuing endangered species in peril, helping them return to health and then releasing them back into the wild.

Management games are traditionally about commercial exploitation and the “bottom line”. While this aggressively greed-oriented slant isn’t as unsavoury as war or gratuitous violence, it’s still a somewhat selfish concept and Excalibur Publishing is deliberately and actively trying to redress the balance.

This is a first in zoo management games. There have been games that feature endangered species and some that have built links with environmental and animal charities, but to our knowledge, no other zoo-oriented games share a specific and deliberate focus on more ethical and environmentally-aware goals.

“We would love to see this ethical aspect appear in more games as the industry matures,” commented Excalibur’s head of marketing, Richard Barclay. “Zoo Park is part of a growing trend for more socially-aware games and in a field where violence and sexuality grab all the headlines, we’d like to offer a different path that commercial games can take without becoming overtly political or exploitative of the subject matter involved.”

Zoo Park: Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary will be released for Windows PC CD in May 2013.
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