Kirby's Epic Yarc Competition Winners

Last month we we’re happy, very happy with the release of Kirby’s Epic Yarn on Wii AND given the opportunity to give-away 3 brand new copies of this game. Well, give-away wasn’t the right expression as we wanted to get some creativity in return.

We asked you to if you could be as creative as Kirby. If you had the crafts to create your own Kirby with items such as wool, buttons, threads, fabrics and zippers? Exactly, the same crafting items which are also used in-game by Kirby.

It seems that a lot of Gamer Girls are still very creative and have sent us many pictures of their creative minds and hands. It seems that many of us easily can express their creativity and it was fun to organise such a competition. Winners are already notified and their copy of Kirby’s Epic Yarn has been sent. And here are the winning entries: